Six Womenswear Trends We Expect to See This Spring/Summer

Six Womenswear Trends We Expect to See This Spring/Summer

Ample amounts of hayfever-inducing pollen in the air, record high temperatures on the central line and sunglasses being used for more than concealing hangovers. You’ve guessed it, Spring has sprung. Plus, with an extra bank holiday in the UK this year, outside (even with the cost of living crisis) is calling our name with extra vigour this year. To paraphrase André Leon Talley: we have to be dressed, and we need the clothes. 

Now, there are two key things to note when shopping in line with trends. Firstly, fashion trends are notoriously cyclical, so shop your wardrobe first. You’ll probably have something you love from years ago that’s back in fashion now. Secondly, fashion is a fun way to freely express your personal style, and trend following is not an indication of this. Mix and match, adopt or ignore, the point is this is just a guide to what the world of fashion is telling us is “in” right now. But not me telling you how you need to dress.

So, with that disclaimer out the way, here are six of the biggest trends for this Spring/Summer.

  1. Woven Textures

All things straw and rattan have been a consistent feature in Spring Summer fashion for years, usually featured in accessories such as straw hats, sandals and beach bags. This year though, crochet is the weave of choice.

Now, critically acclaimed and culturally relevant brand Jacquemus did dedicate their SS23 show to the raffia texture, so straw is far from a thing of the past. However, without a doubt; crochet reigns supreme.

This style of knitting that was developed in the 19th century is shedding its association with grandmas and blankets in favour of a new sexy look. Think of it as knitwear for the summertime, being used to create ornate, skin-exposing looks and not only in bohemian-style silhouettes. Crochet is now for everyone, from big fashion houses such as Prada and Dries Van Noten to small business favourites such as Hope Macaulay and Agpierrni.

From crochet bucket hats and bags to barely-there poolside sets and dresses that can be worn from the beach to dinner; this delicate weave is all the rage.

2. Jewel Tones

Thankfully, the western fashion world has been freed from the shackles of monochromatic and muted tones this season, and colour is in full force. Goodbye muted pastels and hello jewel tones. From emerald to magenta to cerulean, fashion is taking inspiration from the tropical islands that have reopened their doors post pandemic.

With the threat of the reductive and unimaginative “quiet luxury” looming at our fashion doors, let’s hold on to the trend while we still have it. Like I said, trends come and go, and can and sometimes should be ignored. This one however, is one I fully support. With everything that’s going on in the world we need every reason to smile, and how can you not smile when wearing sunshine yellow or marigold orange.

3. Cargo Pants, Cargo Shorts, Cargo Skirt… Pockets, Pockets, Pockets

Talking about trends that should be ignored, I have a personal vendetta against all things cargo. However, if consensus is the measure of all things good in the world then I am beyond outvoted. The girls are loving it so you’ll see it everywhere. 

While this trend (and its nefarious sister parachute pants) may aggravate me on a spiritual level, there’s no denying that Y2K is taking Gen Z by storm. This, coupled with the recent leaning towards practical and therefore utilitarian-esque clothing means that cargos are here to stay for a while.

Whether you want to go for the traditional style cargos in their light airy cotton style fabrics, more classic Y2K nylon cargos or the reimagined mini cargo skirt; you’re sure to find a version of this trend that suits your style.

4. Prints, Prints, Prints

In line with the jewel tones trends and the return to Y2K; prints are making a big splash this season. This is a fun way to add that extra je ne sais quoi to classic, timeless silhouettes.

If you’re used to block colours and want to give prints a go; perhaps start small with accessories and swimwear before branching into full outfits with clashing prints. Remember, it’s supposed to be fun. If you like what you’re wearing, who cares what anyone else thinks.

5. Florals, yes florals

Now, I’m going to fight my natural instinct and not quote that line from fashion cinematic history, but yes, unsurprisingly florals are making another appearance.

A scene from Devil Wears Prada, 2006

As is the way of typical cyclical fashion; the latest floral trend is the corsage, re-popularised in the 90s but first introduced (so far as we know) in the 18th century. 

From huge floral prints to oversized corsages on blazers and necklaces; flowers are taking centre stage.

This is the perfect trend to spruce up a classic simple black dress, dabble with an accessory or to dive fully in with a bold floral print. Plus, with flowers naturally blooming in spring, it’s no surprise that florals keep making an appearance, every, single, year.

6. The female form

Instagram predicted a big push towards femininity in womenswear and draping is the perfect example of this. Whether it’s a cowl neck, or asymmetrically draped hemline; the female form was on the moodboards of every designer for this season.

But as we know, women are not a monolith so to balance out the soft femininity of draping and greek goddess inspired serenity we have corsets.

Corsets showing off the bust, the waist and the curves of the female form are everywhere right now. Celebrating the female form like draping but with the edge of boning and hard lines. A trend that transcends seasons and first half of the timeless “nice top and jeans” combo, corsets are everything.

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