With new artists emerging left, right and centre we have decided to create ‘On Our Radar;’ a series where we will routinely put the spotlight on some incredibly talented and criminally underrated artists from around the world.

VNTAGEPARADISE’s post pop-punk flair feels enigmatic. There is something entirely novel to the Lagos artist’s sugary guitar riffs, staccato snares and woozy vocals. Sometimes pitched up, sometimes hard-edged melodies, VNTAGEPARADISE has honed his avant-garde style as he becomes a flagbearer for a new generation of music–embracing the DIY aesthetic at its apex.

Delving into the corners of his mind, whether they are battles to be fought or merely observations of his daily life, listening to his music feels like putting on rose-tinted frames (make them a pair of Vivienne Westwood’s and you’ve nailed the aesthetic). VNTAGE’s approach is filled with innovation as his inevitable rise to stardom is starting to bubble. Elements channel a Dean Blunt-esque style of raucous rebellion as he writes lyrics about his quotidien, frustrating ex’s and pink hair. Beneath which is the instrumental, providing an intentional veneer of reverbed frenzy which parallels a sense of overriding peace. “Been a while since we texted / Don’t you know that you’re my ex/ See my progress, you can call me generator rex/ You left me don’t forget / So why you full of regrets “

Last year VNTAGE released The Parable of the Sensei with track names like “Pink Hair” and “Overwhelmed Mom Syndrome”. As we see a resurgence of independent artists once again entering the mainstream, and people like VNTAGE are the driving force behind the scenes.