Zoë Kravitz Will Make Us All Cut Our Bangs

Zoë Kravitz Will Make Us All Cut Our Bangs

It has been impossible to escape the promotional activities of The Batman cast recently, but why would you want to when Zoë Kravitz has been consistently serving us perfected look after perfected look? 

Proceed with caution. This article will likely lead to you cut your bangs – you’ve been warned.

While the clothing has been more than enviable, Kravitz’s fringe has been working overtime to lead us all to the bathroom mirror for a late-night fringe cutting session. From her in-movie appearances as Catwoman to the countless moments on The Batman press tour, a fringe has never caused as much commotion. We’re talking cowlicks, asymmetric sweeps, French-girl fluff, and a grunge-chic interpretation of the 2021 baby braids trend. 

At the movie’s world premiere, Kravitz sported a simple cowlicked mini fringe reminiscent of 1920s ringlets. We’re all invited to chop off our hair as Catwoman rocks a super short, choppy pixie cut and spikey, barely-there bangs. At the London premiere, we were treated to an unusual yet highly appreciated, asymmetric side-swept mini fringe that accentuated the actresses’ slicked back parting. The side-fringe has rarely been spotted framing fashionable faces since the early 2010s. However, Kravitz’s hairstylist 2020s interpretation is a welcomed improvement on the style that once had us all ironing our hair across one eye to leave us half-blinded.

With all its variations, Zoë Kravitz’s fringe consistently brings a timeless elegance to each look her team puts her in. Because of this, Kravitz’s fringe has dethroned Daphne Bridgerton’s as the most talked-about bangs of the 2020s. Much like Kravitz, Daphne’s fringe took on many variations throughout its run on Bridgerton. Unlike Kravitz, the internet was less than impressed with the Bridgerton hairstylist. Whether it was the tiny wisps of hair curled on her forehead in a familiar Regency Era style, or the softer, slightly longer and less structured bangs gently framing her face, the internet was not happy with Daphne’s fringe. 

Articles titled ‘what’s up with Daphne’s bangs?‘ popped up online and the choice of styling so moved one Reddit user they posed the question, “Was anyone else bothered by Daphne’s micro fringe? It actually took over some of the scenes for me, making them less enjoyable.” 

So, baby bangs are a dividing topic. Despite this, they’re on track to become the defining hair trend of 2022. Sure, Zoë Kravitz is our main muse as she is shaping up to be the ultimate it-girl of 2022. But ​looking back over the past few months, the micro-fringe (a.k.a. baby bangs, mini fringe, etc.) seems to be the hairstyle of the season. 

Earlier this year, we saw Rihanna don a teeny, tiny fringe for some Fenty promo and then Paris Hilton joined in on the action with a 50’s inspired rockabilly fringe. Not to be left out, Kristen Stewart debuted her take on the trend with a blunt micro fringe framed by longer, wispy strands blending the cut into her locks. Many celebs have taken the plunge and rocked a micro-fringe way before Kravtiz sent us all into this hair spiral. Zendaya looked stunning in her armour and micro fringe at the 2018 Met Gala, Emma Roberts tried them out (and in a lot of people’s minds didn’t quite pull them off) at Critics’ Choice that same year. Lupita Nyong’o wore a beaded micro fringe at Paris Fashion Week in 2020, and Halle Berry chose the cut for the 2021 Oscars.

While most of us aren’t attending paparazzi-ridden events on the regular that encourage us to change our look each event season, we do enjoy the occasional change of hairstyle to welcome a new time in our lives. Whenever a new season rolls around, we all contemplate new ways to change up our look and, inevitably, pose the question to ourselves: should I get a fringe? Each year a different style of fringe seems to reign supreme. The trend changes quickly – quicker than our bangs grow out at least. But, before heading to Google to consult various sites on whether a micro fringe will suit your face shape, just know that it will.

This forehead-grazing haircut is known for being super blunt and short, but there are many variations you can choose from. That’s the beauty. There’s a style of micro fringe for everyone, and anyone can pull them off. Depending on what features you want to accentuate, they can be curly, curtains, choppy, wispy, blunt, and more. They can work on all hair types; super curly, pin-straight, pixies, long, short, thick, thin, box braids, afro, and the list goes on and on. 

No matter what style you go for or what type of hair you have, the pain of the micro-fringe is that it does involve a significant amount of upkeep. It can be a nightmare to maintain it at the exact length you like, and it will need a trim every few weeks. Apart from that, a simple blow-drying should keep everything in place. 

If you’re still undecided on your spring 2022 hair look, maybe this is your sign to try a micro-fringe? 

Depending on who you ask, bangs are either an amazing idea or a terrible idea. We don’t have the answer to that one, but perhaps a more important question may be: is cutting your own bangs at home an amazing idea or a terrible idea? Is it necessary to tell you it’s the latter?

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