Zino Vinci Returns with Grime Infused Anti-Social Anthem ‘Namaste’

Zino Vinci Returns with Grime Infused Anti-Social Anthem ‘Namaste’

A year after the release of his ‘Baby Blue’ EP, Newham Lyricist Zino Vinci is back with a new Grime infused track ‘Namaste’ 

On the meaning behind the song Zino says “Namaste, On a surface level is a song about me being a hermit and not really enjoying leaving my safe space.” With lyrics like “smiling a lot but social batteries on low’ and ‘I don’t shubs too much I get nervous’ some could say this is an ode to the introverted tendencies that too often plague our minds. On top of a jumpy , grime infused beat produced by WIZE, Zino Delves deeper into his own experiences with social anxiety “A truer explanation would be that it’s about my social anxiety and how I deal with it. A lot of the time people see me as that guy who’s always joking and smiling but a lot of the time I like to keep to myself, especially if I feel uncomfortable in the situation. Each verse starts out with a more introspective point of view of how I really feel then it goes back into the braggadocious mask of ‘Zino vinci’.

Stream Namaste below:

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