‘Rap In Paper’ drops exclusive freestyle with Motive 105 as we await his forthcoming EP ‘The Undeniable Run’.

‘Rap In Paper’  drops exclusive freestyle with Motive 105 as we await his forthcoming EP ‘The Undeniable Run’.

This is the first time Motive has ever performed a freestyle on an official platform. Motive isn’t the type of rapper to saturate his art. For him “the process is the process and the work will always speak for itself.”

West-London native, Motive 105 is the full package. Show-stopping bars that feel both self-assured and vulnerable, a breath of fresh air for UK rap fans.  Often compared to J Cole it’s clear to see the close ties to his influences including Cole and UK acts such as Wretch and Ghetts. Motive describes himself as independent, hungry, and big-hearted. So it’s only right, with his authentic story-telling style of rap, that Motive has shared the stage with artists such as Kojey Radical, Sam Wise, and Pip Millet.

rap in paper knows the power of street culture and music. It is a freestyle platform that fuses the worlds of music and design. A tradition that goes back to the days of original elements of hip hop; MCing (Oral), DJing (Aural), Breakdance (Physical), Graffiti (Visual), and Knowledge (Mental). All rap in paper performances are visualised in gift-wrapped installations, with the designs being a visual representation of the rappers themselves, brought to life through lyricism, art, and fashion. 

Motive’s rap in paper freestyle (out on now via YouTube) is the latest in a list of rap royalty to grace the platform, which has seen London grime legend D Double E, all the way to upcoming trail blazers Backroad Gee and Ghanian Alte Queen, Amaarae.

Motive’s rap in paper backdrop is a series of targets, a fitting background as he fires bar after bar of pure lyrical fire. This is Motive’s first ever freestyle; some may feel the target on their back but in the words of Motive “never fold under pressure” – Listen to Motive’s freestyle, is it a hit or a miss? You decide. 

Written by Billie Blue Skuse-Denley

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