@evssofficial Collabs with ASOS For Her First Collection

@evssofficial Collabs with ASOS For Her First Collection

In a few short years, Eva Apio has become one of the most recognisable Black women in fashion. Covering magazines like Wonderland and L’Officiel, her portfolio grows daily- and this time, she’s adding designer to her already long list of titles.

Ahead of her 22nd birthday, the model announced that she was releasing a collection with LabelRail, a sister brand of ASOS that works with some of the biggest influencers to create a range of clothing. Inspired by LA nights and weather, the collection was exclusively designed by Eva and features her uniform of bodycon dresses, two piece sets and cargos for sizes 6-18.

On Instagram, she shared that this is something she’s wanted to do for the last six years; and speaking to ASOS, she describes this moment as the highlight of her career, saying “I’ve been working with ASOS since I was 16. I started shooting their e-commerce, then did campaigns and now I have my OWN line. This is amazing.”

As someone who travels all over the world for work, the pieces reflect that perfectly, and is ideal for anyone wanting to fly out and step up their style game.

The collection is available to shop now, exclusively on the ASOS website.

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