Payday Drops: New releases to buy yourself this month

Payday Drops: New releases to buy yourself this month

The long five weeks is up and payday is here (finally!). Welcome to the first edition of payday drops, where we list our favourite drops of the month that you might want to spend your payday coins on.

  1. Air Max 95s, Nike x Corteiz, £165

We couldn’t not mention the special edition Air Max 95s by Nike and Corteiz. The collaboration between Nike, the biggest footwear retailer in the world, and Corteiz, London-based streetwear brand best known for its newsworthy guerilla campaigns, created a big stir. JD revealed on airmax day last month that the Airmax 95s are the UK’s most popular trainers to wear in 2023. Unsurprisingly then, as with all of Corteiz’ other highly coveted drops, everyone was after a pair. The shoes had people running the streets of New York to queue up outside a bodega, and trying to hit a goal crossbar from outside the 18 yard box in a football pitch in London to get a pair. The shoes come in two colourways; an army green, and a purple, black and pink colourway. The online sale sold out in minutes, however there are rumours that there might be a third colourway still to come soon, so all is not lost! What colour would you want to see?

2. Mimi Bottoms, Peachy Den, £65-£125

If you don’t have a pair of parachute pants yet, wyd? Parachute cargos have taken over, with almost every brand having their own offering, in different colours, materials or silhouettes. This month we are spotlighting the Mimi bottoms by Peachy Den, a relaxed, 90s style silhouette of parachute cargos with adjustable cords and a toggle waistband. The cargos are sustainable too, made from either 100% recycled nylon or eco-conscious cotton lyocell. Available in three colours.

Peachy Den Mimi Bottoms in Oxide colour

3. Signature Denim Drop, Both&, £73

Both& was founded in 2020 by Finnegan Shepard after research found that 99% of the trans community said they struggled to find clothing that fit them properly. Both& developed a range of comfortable and high-quality garments that fit trans bodies and empower gender identity. To mark Trans Day of Visibility (last friday March 31st) they shot a campaign featuring trans men, wearing their signature jeans with a shorter inseam and more room at the thighs, bums and hips to fit AFAB bodies.

Ethan and Tai in the new Both& signature denim drop, photographed by Lydia Garnett

4. LOOP sunglasses, Hot Futures, £105

Spring is officially here! London-based eyewear brand Hot Futures launched three new sunglass silhouettes last month – LOOP, LUNAR and DIME. We are loving LOOP, a rimless wraparound visor style seen below on British model Jourdan Dunn, available in three colours.

Jourdan Dunn in Hot Futures LOOP sunglasses in classic gold colour at LFW AW23.

5. One Star Pro, Patta x Converse, £92

Patta and Converse have returned with a limited edition hairy suede take on the One Star Pros and a four-piece apparel collection, all paying homage to the four-leaf clover. The One Stars, which come in a beautiful burnt olive colour, were announced with a photoshoot of Erykah Badu, which is only right as Badu has a song called 4 Leaf Clover.

Erykah Badu in the Patta x Converse One Star Pros and cargo pants

6. Purple asymmetrical top, M1scellaneou5, £60

British designer Mia Buris, who had the girlies obsessing over her frilly multi-coloured mesh tops released under her original brand Myae Made, has launched a new site called M1scellaneou5, with new styles and a focus on slow fashion. In her own words, Mia wants to bully people into purchasing high-quality, unique one-off pieces instead of low-quality, mass produced clothes that are easily disposed of. The site is full of reasonably priced, beautiful pieces. We particularly love this purple asymmetrical top.

Purple asymmetrical top, M1scellaneou5.

7. Beige Mohair hoodie, GCLO studios,

GCLO Studios, which stands for Global Culture & Lifestyle Observation, is a London-based streetwear brand. Originally starting out as a photography page that platformed creatives, GCLO is now a clothing brand highly coveted on the London streetwear scene. Tomorrow (Tuesday 4th April) they will be releasing a new drop – one of the new items we have our eye on is this beige mohair cardigan.

Beige Mohair cardigan, GCLO Studios

8. 1/4 zip fleece, Jehucal, £90

Another streetwear fave, Jehucal was founded by Londoner Emay, who wanted to make high quality clothing at an affordable price. Jehucal’s Spring Summer 2023 collection dropped on the 23rd March, full of fleeces, suede tracksuits and new tees. We love the 1/4 zip fleece, which comes in a mint and a navy colour.

Jehucal 1/4 zip in mint
Jehucal 1/4 zip in navy

9. Black heartbreak hoodie V2, Wall Street Mafia, £95

Wall Street Mafia’s latest collection earned a spot as GUAP’s photo of the week last week, with their “Employee of the month” campaign. The campaign was shot by Film Abdi, who Wall Street Mafia (WSM) named their employee of the month. Abdi is best known for capturing gorgeous, intimate moments at events on his film camera. The campaign imagery showed off a wide range of new items, including a new version of the black heartbreak hoodie with multi zip function. The drop is happening this Wednesday 5th April on the WSM website. You’ve been warned!

Ghadir wears WSM black heartbreak hoodie v2 and grey applique sweatpants. Shot by Film Abdi.

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