Our top five menswear trends, as seen at DLT Malta

Our top five menswear trends, as seen at DLT Malta

Yes, DLT Malta has come and gone but that just signals the start of summer, not that it’s over. We’ve already spoken about women’s fashion trends for this summer, however, the men have also been killing it this season, especially at Cafe Del Mar, the picturesque beach club that has become synonymous with DLT Malta and gorgeous fits. So here are 5 summer menswear trends we saw at DLT that we’re excited to see for the rest of the summer.

  1. Co-ords

Just as co-ords are the lazy fashion girls dream for an easy yet cohesive outfit, the same can be said for menswear versions. They come in different prints, silhouettes, lengths; but they always look good. Styling co-ords is easy; bare chested on the beach for that summer flair, layered with a white vest or t-shirt for a more London-appropriate rendition or buttoned up with a nice pair of shoes for a more night time classy vibe. Regardless, if you’re super busy or just not that fashion inclined, this is the easiest way to look put together this summer and even in cooler months. A word of caution – with long sleeved and/or trouser co-ords, I personally would avoid vertical stripes as they can verge on looking pyjama-esque. But, don’t shy away from colour or shorts; if you’ve got the thighs show them off, be a bit cheeky (pun intended); it is summer after all.

  1. Bermuda Shorts/Jorts

Y2K fashion is clearly here to stay, having lasted longer than a quick microtrend. We’ve gone from everything tight and fitted in the 2010s to wider. Oversized silhouettes in today’s times, so it should come as no surprise that baggy shorts and jorts are in this Summer. Thankfully the 2023 rendition is (mostly) not as ridiculously wide as the original Y2K jorts, but they sure are a fun way to play with denim. In the spirit of sustainability, try to upcycle an old pair of wide legs by cutting them yourself, or thrift a pair. These are an easy way to try a new trend without going too crazy. After all, this is denim we are talking about, and we all know and love denim, plus they are extremely comfy. Styling wise they’re also very easy, balancing out the width of the jorts with a form fitting top or dive fully into the oversized look by pairing with a matching oversized top. Essentially (nearly) any and everything works.

3. Crochet

As this is a trend for womenswear it should come as no surprise that it’s a popular fabric/weave for menswear too. This trend can be layered over an oversized t-shirt with light washed jeans to add some texture to a classic look. Or over a bare chest with shorts styled with layered chains (mix and match pearls and metals for that extra pizazz) for a laid back but effective holiday look. As oversized crochet is quite unisex don’t shy away from the women’s section when enjoying this trend, remember clothes are just clothes.

  1. Bright Colours

Summer evokes thoughts of warm sunsets, flowers blooming and rainbow ice lollies; essentially nature explodes with colour (and everything is more fun) so it’s logical for us to emulate that with our clothing. As the lines between genders in fashion are continuing to blur, it should come as no surprise that this is another trend mirrored in womenswear. So, if you’re typically a monochromatic dresser, branch out with a bit of colour this season. Whether that’s with a bold print, block colour shoes or some subtle touches of jewellery; choose what works for you.

5. White Tees

A t-shirt is a year round classic. Whether you like a more form fitting, muscle highlighting fit or laid back oversized silhouettes, t-shirts in all colours, finishes and fits are an essential outfit foundation. However, when the sun is shining there’s nothing like a fresh white t-shirt. Here are three options for the minimalists that keep it simple and fresh with a pair of cargos or those that like to go all out with an all-white look.