Giorgio Armani Menswear AW23: Something For The Grown Ups

Giorgio Armani Menswear AW23: Something For The Grown Ups

The Emporio Armani and the Giorgio Armani man are the same person but at different stages of his life. The core of his being: self-assured, stylish, confident and sexy, stays the same but the life around him has changed as he matures.

Armani communicates this in a variety of ways, from the casting of models to the choices of zips to the styling of the pieces. Most prominently though, through the clear separation of the collection to cater to different aspects of the Giorgio man’s life.

Models on the runway and backstage at Giorgio Armani AW23 men’s in Milan

The Giorgio Armani looks started with smart casual, greys and neutrals that could be worn from Sunday lunch with the family to golf with friends. After a jarring presentation of two garish full length coats, we continued on the smart casual aesthetic, this time a bit more smart than casual. Collars were stiffer and sharper, silhouettes less relaxed, but with the same soft and neutral palette.

Models on the runway at Giorgio Armani AW23 men’s in Milan

We then seamlessly transitioned to loungewear or at least what the Giorgio Armani man would consider loungewear. Loose matching monochromatic sets in lush, luxe fabrics styled comfortably with hands in pockets or paired with leather gloves; completed with a stylishly rolled blanket for aeroplane comfort. 

Ski wear was presented next. Recently there has been a move to make luxury fashion more accessible to all, (similar to the trend towards more androgynous clothing) claiming to be a sign of societal progress and growth when in reality it has profit-driving motives. Stereotypically a ski holiday is for the elite. By designing specifically for ski activities Armani further reinforces who their customer is and creates a clear line of demarcation between their other lines. These ski looks weren’t for the amateur skier but instead for the confident and capable one, completed with an eye-catching but tasteful shade of red to accompany the established charcoal palette. 

Models on the runway at Giorgio Armani AW23 men’s in Milan

The 86-look show finished with 5 all black night time looks accompanied by complementing womenswear looks. 

A simple but compelling story is told with this collection. Giorgio Armani has something for every occasion. In every scenario the Giorgio Armani man is calm, collected and looking pristine, well groomed and well prepared. He’s a man, not a boy. Friend, lover or colleague, you feel safe around him because he exudes confidence-based serenity. Giorgio Armani speaks to this man. You’re not transformed into this man by wearing Giorgio Armani, you are this man already. Giorgio Armani just helps you communicate this, without saying a word.

Just another lesson on how storytelling should and can be done. As is now customary with Giorgio Armani, expectations were met and exceeded.

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