REDEYE: a monthly dose of eclectic films and creative conversation

REDEYE: a monthly dose of eclectic films and creative conversation

REDEYE is where you go for a monthly dose of eclectic non-western focused films. Unlike your local Cinema, our screening nights hit different. We will refresh your creative palette with films from different cultures, experimental genres and contemporary stories. But most importantly, we want you to be yourself and be part of the creative conversation.

We are more than just a film club though – REDEYE is a not-for-profit organisation which means we put all our resources into the communities we work with. We love encouraging young underrepresented voices to enrich creative communities with other perspectives. There are loads of opportunities to get insight into creative industries. And for young people, we’re setting up one-to-one time with industry experts and work experience opportunities in creative / media companies.

Welcome into the REDEYE fold

Since June, we have shown a new film every month from our curated REDEYE x Mubi film list, and we have a bunch more film events planned for this year. Not long ago, we sat back, popcorn in hand, thrilled throughout GIRLHOOD. It follows the intimate lives of a ‘Bandes des Filles’ (Group of Girls) from the fierce suburbs of Paris.

About Girlhoodthe great love story of female friendship 

The film opens in the aftermath of an all-girl American football game. On their walk-of-victory, the excited post-match chatter simmers to silence entering their neighbourhood. It’s late. It’s dark. And they are being sussed out by a group of guys. One by one, they each leave for their block, leaving just one.

GIRLHOOD doesn’t lazily rely on a traditional male protagonist. Instead, the lens focuses on these young women navigating their realities. From abusive brothers to controlling boyfriends and insistent strange men, we get immersed in their physical and emotional journeys. This film reinforces the liberating force of sisterhood. It is aggressive in solidarity but universally relatable in tender moments.

Our Artist conversation with director Edem Kelman

Edem is a TV and film director who joined us for an eye-opening discussion with the audience. He answered questions about story progression and how he developed his creative practice. He also spoke to us about his non-traditional route into the industry. 

Edem is making some incredible strides as a filmmaker – and although he studied philosophy, his background has contributed to his innovative visual storytelling. During his studies, he convinced his friends to start shooting short films.

This tenacity over the years led to fantastic short films like Princess (2020) and Express (2022), and he directed 5 episodes for Hollyoaks. Edem is now working on his debut feature-length, Duke – a story of the West African diaspora and people in the early 2000s. Edem wants to put these enigmatic figures and communities on the screen with care and due diligence.

Playlist curated by WAAW

WAAW, a.k.a. Naomi and Beca Snow might be identical twins, but their tastes are cut differently. They are an electric duo with contemporary sounds grounded in a music lover’s diligence. We spoke to WAAW about how their music choice represents coming-of-age in a globalised British culture. Their curated playlist is a pairing of nostalgic pop and confident R&B, with songs from the ultimate chilla, Kelela, and BNOC baddie.

Artist Contribution – RUBY EVE DICKSON

Ruby Eve Dickson is an artist to the marrow with a profound love for painting, diligent in her study and a desire to immerse herself. The artwork presented on the evening holds the complex and weighty subjects of the film with playful simplicity. She told us, “the film impacted me in a way I didn’t expect. It made me think about my relationship with my family – mainly my mother. Since watching this, I’ve felt stronger bonds to the women in my life… I want my artwork to be sombre yet evoke a sense of togetherness that was apparent to me in the Paris apartment block buildings.”

There are many more films up our sleeves – so look out for our next article or sign up to our newsletter to get a ticket to our next screening. And head to our website to find our next screening.

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