Cartoon Fashion is Here to Stay: Loewe’s Pixel Pieces and More

Cartoon Fashion is Here to Stay: Loewe’s Pixel Pieces and More

Extreme puffer bomber jackets, balloon heels, and pixelated clothing. Loewe has definitely caught people’s attention lately, with their nostalgia-inspired, kiddish cartoon statement pieces.  The cartoonification of clothing is a big thing in recent times. From the viral Mschf boots to the Mowalowa Bratz doll. Loewe especially has shown themselves to be experts at experimenting with cartoon fashion, virtuality, and gaming culture in their pieces.

Loewe Pixel Hoodie and Jeans

Their pixelated products – a t-shirt, jeans, skirt, and bag – are a strange wonder to look at. The pixel patterns are so hyper-realistic that you have to do a double-take when you first see them. Video games like Minecraft and Roblox come to mind when you see the pieces. Hinting at the massive impact that virtual realities have on our cultural consciousness, and how we all want to drift into the imaginations of virtual reality. We have also seen this in the film industry recently, with video games being developed into films and gaining lots of popularity at the box office. 

Loewe Comic lacquered foam pump in red

The fun doesn’t stop there. Loewe comic pumps, available in (beige, and black red) anyone else sees Marge Simpson in these?) exaggerate the classic heel silhouette giving a cartoonish illusion to the heel. Brands have been embracing the digital age in small ways, playing with concepts of bringing the digital into reality. Loewe goes above the rest to really commit to the digital aspect in their clothing, no holds barred. Their sunglasses collection is no exception. Continuing with the theme of being bold and fun, Loewe eye wear, takes ski mask-esque, comical shapes and makes it suitable for the summer. 

Loewe Wave Mask Sunglasses

Tracee Ellis Ross, Rihanna, and even Rihanna’s son have been spotted in Loewe pieces recently, solidifying the brand’s ability to produce solid statement pieces that are all of our fashion favorites.

Rhianna in Loewe Shades

What do you think, is cartoon fashion a cop or a drop?

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