Australian Fashion week 2023: The Best of Australia’s Runway Scene

Australian Fashion week 2023: The Best of  Australia’s Runway Scene

Australian Fashion Week took place from the 15th to the 19th of this month. The week saw some incredible designers, both new and longtime favorites. Happening right at the start of summer, Australian fashion week gives us the perfect outfit inspiration for the warmer weather. Here’s some highlights from the week. 

First off we have Youkhana’s debut, the collection was both original and unique, aptly titled ‘One of’. Several beautiful hand made, braided pieces that took over seven years of craftsmanship came down the runway. Dresses, hats, shoes, and purses; all hand-woven. Some of the pieces did come across as a bit kitsch due to the stiff braiding material, but the versatility of the woven material was incredible to see on the models, and made designer Nathaniel Youkhana a proven standout on the first day of fashion week. Youkhana brought an authentic brand identity whilst also celebrating black culture through his clothing to the runway, setting the standard for the rest of the week

A model walks the runway during the Youkhana show during Afterpay Australian Fashion Week 2023 by (Getty Images)

The fashion brand Asiyam also debuted on Monday, as the first all-modest fashion show in Australia. The show debuted a range of modest clothing highlighting the versatility and creativity of modest fashion. The pieces displayed bright colors with flowing pieces. On the runway, we saw florals, exaggerated sleeves, and a mixture of flowing and tight-fitting pieces. The collection was entitled ‘Liberty’, with the designer wanting to emphasize lightness and the freedom that comes with modest fashion. The designer Asia Hassan wanted to speak to the current socio-political climate whilst also bringing something new to the Australian fashion industry.

A model walks the runway during the Asiyam debut show Australian Fashion Week 2023 by (Getty Images)

Nicol and Ford also displayed in their sophomore show, marking the brand’s change from made-to-order to ready-to-wear collections. The show debuted some of the new RTW pieces, and the concept was  – ‘a deconstruction of Regency silhouettes designer’, Lil Nicol-Ford told Vogue Australia. The designs showcased silhouettes from the 1800s refashioned as lingerie and seductive wear. Mixing the glamorous and sexy with mesh pieces and backless dresses. The runway was dark and ominous with marble pieces whilst the models moved with heightened poise.

Model walking at Nicol and Ford Australian Afterparty Fashion presentation

On the last day of the week, the Next Gen runway presented by DHL showcased the future of fashion. Emerging designers Cameron Hill, Liandra Swim, Ruby Pedder, and Xi Wu Studio presented re-imagined swimwear, work wear, casual couture, and knitwear. The future of the Australian Fashion scene is looking incredibly promising.  This is just some of the amazing designers, let us know on twitter what you think and if we are missing any of your favourites!

Ruby Pedder Design from the Next Gen show Image from Vogue