Lagos Fashion Week Comes to Selfridges with the Woven Threads Pop-Up

Lagos Fashion Week Comes to Selfridges with the Woven Threads Pop-Up

In a spectacular fusion of cultural diversity and sartorial innovation, Selfridges, the iconic British luxury department store, has unveiled its latest fashion endeavour. Paying homage to the vibrant and dynamic fashion scene of African countries, the prestigious retailer has launched the highly anticipated Woven Threads pop-up. This immersive experience, opening on the 9th of May and lasting for six weeks, promises to captivate fashion enthusiasts and celebrate the rich tapestry of African creativity, craftsmanship, and style.

Nestled within the heart of London, inside Selfridges’ fashion-forward halls, the Woven Threads pop-up transports visitors to the vivid look and feel of African fashion. Designed to evoke the spirit of Lagos Fashion Week, the space immerses guests in an authentic and visually stunning representation of Africa’s fashion heritage. Vibrant colours, intricate patterns, and innovative designs harmoniously collide, showcasing designers’ immense talent and unrivalled artistry from across the continent.

Lagos Fashion Week Comes to Selfridges
African brands on display on the 3rd floor of Selfridges London.

“It is great to see the “Woven Threads” platform evolve in this way. Artisanal practices are not just a link to our past but a beacon for our future. They embody the spirit of creativity, craftsmanship, and community that has stood the test of time, said Omoyemi Akerele, Founder and Executive Director of Style House Files, producers of the annual Lagos Fashion Week. 

“As the bedrock of our design process and the cornerstone of the Woven Threads exhibition, we are responsible for preserving these practices and celebrating the artisans who keep them alive,” she added. 

Stepping inside this sartorial oasis, you’ll find yourself surrounded by a kaleidoscope of garments and accessories, each bearing the unmistakable mark of indigenous African craftsmanship. From the exquisite handwoven textiles to the meticulously beaded clothes, every piece on display tells a story of dedication, passion, and cultural significance.

The Woven Threads Pop-Up shines a spotlight on a curated selection of African designers who have been making local and international waves. Renowned names such as Lisa Folawiyo, Orange Culture, KATUSH, AAKS, Abisola Olusola, TJWHO, Buzighill, and Elexiay take centre stage, enchanting visitors with their distinctive aesthetics and unparalleled attention to detail. This pop-up is a testament to their relentless pursuit of elevating Nigerian fashion to global recognition.

To further enhance the experience, Selfridges has collaborated closely with Lagos Fashion Week organisers to ensure an authentic representation of the vibrant fashion event. The pop-up will host exclusive events, panel discussions, and runway shows, bringing the energy and spirit of Lagos Fashion Week directly to London. Fashion enthusiasts will have the opportunity to witness the creativity and artistry of Nigerian designers firsthand, engaging in dialogues that bridge cultural divides and foster greater inclusivity within the fashion industry.

Moreover, the Woven Threads Pop-Up showcases the immense potential for sustainable and ethical fashion practices deeply ingrained in Nigerian fashion traditions. From upcycling techniques to promoting fair-trade practices, the designers featured in this exhibition are at the forefront of creating a more conscious and responsible fashion industry.

Selfridges’ decision to honour Lagos Fashion Week with this immersive pop-up speaks volumes about the increasing influence and global recognition of African fashion. The vibrant and eclectic styles emerging from Lagos have captured the attention of fashion enthusiasts worldwide, redefining traditional notions of beauty and challenging industry norms.

By creating a dedicated space for Nigerian designers, Selfridges embraces the power of fashion as a platform for cultural exchange, fostering a sense of appreciation and understanding for diverse artistic expressions. The Woven Threads Pop-Up serves as a catalyst for the broader recognition of African designers, affirming that creativity knows no boundaries and celebrating the undeniable influence of Lagos Fashion Week on the global fashion landscape.