What Makes Coachtopia Exceptional? A Look At Coach’s New Offshoot Brand [@coach]

What Makes Coachtopia Exceptional? A Look At Coach’s New Offshoot Brand [@coach]

Sustainability is no longer just a passing trend in the fashion industry; it’s a necessity. As consumers and brands alike turn to recycled materials and more eco-conscious production practices, it can be challenging to sift through the noise and find those who truly walk the talk. Enter Coachtopia, the latest sub-brand from the heritage leather goods and ready-to-wear brand, Coach.

Coach has long been synonymous with luxury and quality, but the brand is now taking on a new mission – sustainability. Coachtopia is the result of this quest, and it’s nothing short of a game-changer. A new sub-brand of accessories and apparel, Coachtopia has been designed with circularity – a concept that promotes the reuse, refurbishment, and recycling of materials in order to minimize waste and environmental impact – at its core. The brand  is a “world in progress” that builds upon Coach’s previous sustainable efforts, including the likes of the Coach (Re)Loved program that has given a new lease of life to over 20,000 Coach products.

Lola Tung poses for Coachtopia, courtesy of the brand

Launching with a colorful and playful campaign starring Lola Tung, known for her role in the American coming-of-age romantic drama tv series – “The Summer I Turned Pretty,” Coachtopia is making a bold statement with a collection of bold and vibrant gender-neutral bags, accessories, and ready-to-wear pieces. 

Coachtopia’s three-pronged Made Circular design philosophy is impressive, to say the least. Repurposed and renewable materials are at the heart of the design process, with leathers crafted from Coach production waste or at least 50 percent recycled leather scraps. Meanwhile, non-leather pieces, like hoodies and T-shirts, are made from 95 percent (or more) recycled cotton, and bag hardware and straps use 70 percent of recycled materials and resin.

Coachtopia recycled bags
A range of bags featured in the debuting collection

The second component of Coachtopia’s design philosophy is circularity. The collection is intended to live multiple lives, with products designed to be easily disassembled, repaired, or completely redesigned to keep them within the design chain. What’s more, Coachtopia is committed to taking back all its products, no matter their age or condition, and finding new ways to reuse them. This initiative makes Coachtopia stand out, setting an example that other fashion brands should follow.

Coach has collaborated with Gen Z climate activists, artists, and designers to create a world that is not only sustainable but also inclusive and dynamic. Limited-edition collaborations with young artists, such as the up-and-coming designer Sabrina Lau, whose graphics adorn a reimagined version of Coach’s canvas tote, are an ongoing part of the Coachtopia world. It is clear from the onset that Coachtopia is more than just not just a sub-brand or a collection; it’s a community and a community. 

Coach’s commitment to a brighter, more sustainable future for fashion is truly admirable and I for one can’t wait to see how the brand will evolve and grow while it champions a more sustainable future of fashion. 

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