UK Stylists To Watch in 2023 [@gelmira @elshhy2]

UK Stylists To Watch in 2023 [@gelmira @elshhy2]

Gone are the days when stylists would work in silence behind the scenes. Social media and the increasing need to brand yourself means that stylists are more visible, and needed, than ever. Celebrity stylists such as Law Roach and Danielle Michelle are great examples of stylists turned public figures, receiving their well deserved flowers. Here are some UK based stylists to keep an eye on this year. 

Sheldon Da Cr8tor

You might not know Sheldon’s name (yet) but you’ll definitely have come across his work. With an eye for colour and fit, Sheldon is the mastermind behind a lot of TikTok sensation turned model Victor Kunda’s viral looks. Dynamic, detailed silhouettes and emerging designers are the key calling card of Sheldon’s work. We saw this with the dramatic ruffles of Priscilla Anyabu’s Guap Gala look, the lime green accents on Felix The 1st’s suit at the MOBO Awards and the accessories on Victor Kunda’s Rated Awards outfit;. This month marks 12 months since he started focusing on styling – I’m really looking forward to seeing what more resources and experience will enable him to produce this year. 

Sheldon’s Styling Work L-R: Felix The 1st, Priscilla Anyabu and Victor Kunda


I first came across Elshaddai Nyagodzi in late 2021 when she styled the GUAP25 cover and Odeal’s asymmetric suit look stopped me in my tracks. At that point I categorised her as an amazing menswear stylist but in fact her real talent is styling in a way that makes her subject shine over the garments and her own signature. It’s a unique skill to balance your individual client’s style and look with your personal vision and Elsshhy gets this right every time. I thought her calling card was colourful, experimental menswear when in fact it’s her ability to focus on excellent fit. She’s assisted on some amazing looks over the years but last year she gave us consistently exquisite looks with her as the main stylist. It’s unclear what happened in 2022 behind the scenes, but she’s got her foot on the gas, here to stake her claim and I’m extraordinarily excited to see what’s next.

Nyagodzi’s Styling Work L-R: Aweng Ade-Chuol, Boj, Odeal, Gabzy and Aweng Ade-Chuol

Gelmira Fortunato Manico

Gelmira Fortunato Manico is a great example of upcoming artists effectively using fashion and styling to generate even more interest. The relationship between a stylist and their muse is a story nearly as old as time. I first came across Manico’s work on songstress Bellah’s Colors performance. The outfit was nice but it was the glasses that intrigued me, they can only be described as glam grandma and the kind of piece I’d look at as novelty. However, they stopped me in my tracks enough that I clicked on the video and subsequently fell in love with Bellah’s music. Manico deliberately creates looks that challenge our stereotypes of R&B artists. Instead of soft and unassuming; Bellah is often seen in out-there accessories and fabrics leading to her being fondly named as an R&B rockstar. This is the power of intentional styling and as Bellah’s profile rises so will Manico’s so I’m interested to see how with more respect and access in the fashion community just what Gelmira and Bellah will give us next. 

Manico’s Styling Work L-R: Bellah, Mnelia and Bellah

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