Kiki Elice’s latest collection is a wave of spring

Kiki Elice’s latest collection is a wave of spring

Kiki Elice: I get the winter blues in during the cold season, so I wanted to find a way to bring spring closer

In her latest collection of paintings: ‘Mi Amor.’ Kiki – a Seattle-based painter has been gracing Instagram feeds across the globe with warmth and joy. Her work features delicate and colorful portraits of Black women, which she sells as both canvases and prints. 

With Valentine’s Day around the corner, the most recent collection exudes love: from the burst of pink in ‘Romantic Thoughts‘ to the sweet motherhood radiating from the ‘Mi Amor’ painting.

However, a piece that holds an extra special place in the artist’s heart is ‘Two Hearts

GUAP: What inspired this piece?

Kiki: I have three kids and with each pregnancy, my favorite thing to do was to draw on my belly. I haven’t painted a pregnant woman in years and it’s been five years since I’ve been pregnant. In a way, this was me reminiscing on those times.

Two Hears by Kiki Elice

Being her own muse is a running theme for Kiki who uses herself as a reference point.

GUAP: What inspired your creative process when making this piece?

Kiki: I take pictures of myself in different poses, then from there I go straight to the canvas. However, the color itself is actually what activates the creative process itself. Creating a color palette always gets me going creatively. I rarely sketch anymore.” 

GUAP: What we can expect next?

Kiki: Green takes up more space in the spectrum visible to the human eye! It’s also a color that represents peace and tranquility. I’m very excited about what I’ll come up with [using this this colour]

If you’d like to showcase Kiki’s work in your own home, you can purchase both her original paintings or prints.

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