RE UP – THE RECENT RELEASES YOU NEED TO LISTEN TO FT [@downtownkayoto],[@babyrosemusic], [@ayrastarr] & More

RE UP – THE RECENT RELEASES YOU NEED TO LISTEN TO FT [@downtownkayoto],[@babyrosemusic], [@ayrastarr] & More

That time of the week has come round again where we put you on to all of our favourite new releases. Friday can be an overwhelming time for music lovers, so we’ve scoured the deep ocean that is the world of music to bring you our crème de la crème of fresh tracks that have recently hit our ears. So in case you missed it, have a listen below – from Adanna Duru, Cero Ismael, Bktherule and more.

Downtown Kayoto – Run From You

On an indie-rock instrumentation, Downtown Kayoto reflects on his decision to run away from his person of interest, when the healthier approach would have been to chase them. As an experience familiar to many of us, this track might just trigger you to reflect on your decisions this Valentine’s eve. 

Kelela – Raven (Album)

Kelela shares her personal style of contemporary R&B vocals on progressive electronic music in her latest ballroom music inspired release. Ranging from ambient serpentine melodies to captivating dance beats, we are guided through a unique body of work.  

Ayra Starr – Sability

Coming through with another track to make you dance like Poco Lee, Sabi Girl Ayra Starr delivers a self-promoting, Gen-Z culture defining song. Ayra has once again proven her worth with her exceptional songwriting skill and the ability to deliver a dance-worthy track with longevity.

Archy Moor – Bonnie Hill (EP)

Archy gives us his biggest project yet with this collection of lo-fi instrumentation, decorated with soulful rap lyrics. On this anticipated EP, Archy did not disappoint on serving up a list of tracks, that seamlessly fall in order. 

Cero Ismael – WY

Cero expresses deep emotions on a track with subtle properties of a DX7 synthesiser-like element, sandwiched between ethereal acoustic guitar riffs. This dark, melodic song is a perfect reflection of the abyss he has found himself in, not knowing what he would do without a particular person. 

Adanna Duru – ur a bitch

Relatively new to our social media timelines, Adanna speaks on her fair share of unpleasant experiences in the entertainment industry. This track will have both of your eyebrows raised as Adanna spills the tea about a selfish friend, while singing about being the poster girl of a true friend. This new track is a personal take on a widely experienced, clique-heavy culture of the industry. 

Bktherula – PSSYONFT

If you need a special addition to your gym playlist, the disruptive soundscape of this track will have you trade in the treadmill for a punching bag. Her charming voice finds a way to stand out in this adrenaline inducing, mosh-pit creating track, displaying real potential for influencing the direction of the dance genre.

Baby Rose ft. Smino – I won’t tell

Known for her bold and unique voice, Baby Rose pairs up with rapper Smino to deliver a light, funky sound with an unfailing pairing of a bass guitar and drums. Their heist-inspired music video will have you ready to plan your own. 

Juice Menace – Pink Notes

Juice explores her eclectic taste in a pop dance niche about the hustle culture of chasing success. Reminiscent of the early noughties ‘like 4 a rate’, ‘hot or not’ videos, director Thelma Sibusisiwe captures the true essence of the song in the recently released video.

SOMOH – My Body is a Friend (EP)

This bedroom-pop EP explores the theme of love and vulnerability, rendering relatable experiences. On a 90’s indie-rock instrumentals, SOMOH flexes her vocal ability, impressive range of style, categorising herself as an artist to watch in 2023.

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