5 Must See Galleries In India:

5 Must See Galleries In India:

With the acclaimed India Art Fair opening this week and the recent Kochi Biennale attracting worldwide recognition, India’s art scene is bustling. We rounded up some of our favorite hidden-gems of galleries that are worth the trip.

1. Tarq, Mumbai
In Sanskrit, Tarq means discussion, abstract reasoning, logic and cause, and those meanings guide the gallery’s purpose. Founded by Hena Kapadia in 2014, Tarq aims to foster meaningful conversation around art for diverse audiences, and serve as an incubator for young and emerging artists disrupting contemporary art in India. The white and brown minimalist space with floor to ceiling windows make it a favorite for locals.

Look out for: Educational initiatives hosted by the gallery– workshops, gallery walk throughs, talks, and more.

2. Gallery G, Bangalore
A pillar in the Indian art scene, Gallery G hosts a diverse array of artists. From contemporary and emerging artists, to pioneers like M.F Hussein and SH Raza, the gallery boasts a breadth and depth in South Asian Art. They even restore pieces, mentor university art students, and teach Indian citizens why and how to invest in art.

Look out for: Original Raja Ravi Varma works.

3. Nature Morte, New Delhi
Tracing its humble beginnings in New York’s East Village, Nature Morte eventually migrated to New Delhi’s Dhan Mills area in 1997. The gallery champions conceptual, lens-based, and installation genres, looking to represent innovative and challenging art forms. Today, the gallery showcases a generation of Indian artists with global appeal and Berlin, Calcutta, and the Oberoi Gurgaon hotel.

Look out for: Arboretum by Thukral and Tagra which opens by posing a question, “if a tree falls in the Metaverse, does it echo and shake the earth?” For those looking for an escape from Delhi’s gray winters, Delhi-born Designer and Sustainable Fashion Activist, Kaanchi Chopra, recommends the exhibit for its “hypnotic beauty of botany and the underrated hyper-realism that makes you feel connected to nature.”

4. Chatterjee and Lal, Mumbai
Chatterjee and Lal marry history and art to create holistic narratives for visitors. Alongside art works, the gallery shares deep dive research and displays archival pieces relating to the artist.

Look out for: The recent exhibit “Knotted Roots, Nelly Sethna” that explores the textile designer’s amalgamation of traditional and modern art.

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5. Jawahar Kala Kendra, Jaipur
More of an art house than a traditional gallery, JKK promotes Rajasthani art of all styles, ranging from classical dance performances to literary discussions. The red sandstone and white marble building is home to 3 theatres, a two story museum, a library, and cafe, all neatly designed by the Navgraha concept, or the 9 square mandala from Hindu Vedic texts. The beautiful architecture combined with the myriad of art on showcase makes JKK a cultural hub for the royal city of Jaipur, showcasing old and new talent.

Look out for: The distinct color, character, and astrological values and functionality of each section of JKK. The 9 sections are said to embody each planet and its respective characteristics.

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