TOO MANY MEN IN GRIME? GUAP Meets [@EllieRamsden].

TOO MANY MEN IN GRIME? GUAP Meets [@EllieRamsden].

Ellie Ramsden is Determined To Tell The Stories of Women in Grime.

When Ellie Ramsden created her photo book ‘Too Many Man’. She had no idea how much she would be influencing the conversations surrounding women and their impact on Grime music.

Since 2017, the London photographer has captured and documented the stories of women in Grime.  From MC’s, DJs, producers, videographers and radio presenters. Ramsden pulls back the curtain to reveal the change-makers who are paving the way, for many more women to come after them.

We had a chance to meet up with Ellie Ramsden in Peckham where she feels the most creatively fuelled. She discussed the importance of inclusivity in the industry and how gender equality will be the future of the male-dominated genre.

Ellie Ramsden will be launching her second edition of ‘Too Many Man’ which will feature an additional ten women this International Woman’s Day! Check out the interview and share your thoughts with us.

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