‘Vein’ is another visual feast from Tora [@toradifrance]

Tora has followed up the impressive ‘Pisonia Prologue’ with new track ‘Vein’.

‘Vein’ is the second release from rising star Tora. Tora made an impressive mark at the start of 2020 by releasing her Instagram exclusive track ‘Pisonia Prologue’ and looks to be prepared to continue giving us visual treats. That debut release was extremely strong, and its innovation of using Instagram as the video platform to release it on was a masterstroke. Hosting on the platform allowed for easy sharing and engagement without the audience ever having to leave the social platform they were already on. On top of that, her use of various visual mediums kept fans engaged, as well as the track’s quality.

After roughly a month and a half ‘Vein’ is the highly anticipated follow up, and it doesn’t disappoint. From the visuals to the song, again Tora has kept the levels up there and showcased why she is such an exciting talent.

Sonically this track is just as experimental as her last, and it’s that ability to adapt that she showed in her initial release that boded so well for Tora. ‘Vein’ sits somewhere between the R&B and alternative genres, and this blend makes for an interesting listen. The track’s production builds up with additional elements layered on gradually across the track. This provides a sense of urgency as it leads up to a boiling point, but also leaves you not certain what the next thing to be added would be. This paired with Tora‘s ability to tap into emotive imagery and translate it into a format that’s not too abrasive makes for great listening.

This time we get the traditional release on YouTube but the visuals are kept interesting. Rather than sticking with the visual style used in her first video, it is the creative direction that makes ‘Vein’ stand out. Hair plays a big role in the video as both an element of the set design and even to mimic costume, which was definitely an interesting choice. From the visuals, the hair could be seen as something that is imprisoning or hiding Tora away, but in the context of the song being called ‘Vein’, it could just as equally be representative of her roots. This and the lack of movement allow the track to take centre stage.

Again Tora has proved that we are just barely scratching the surface of what she’s capable of, but with this quick follow up we know she’s hard at work. It will be interesting to see the fruits of that labour, and she is definitely a talent I would keep an eye on that should go on to do big things.

You can stream ‘Vein’ here.