Celebrating Ghana’s independence: Meet Christie Brown, the Ghanian brand changing the ‘angry black women narrative’ [@ChristieBrowngh]

Celebrating Ghana’s independence: Meet Christie Brown, the Ghanian brand changing the ‘angry black women narrative’ [@ChristieBrowngh]

Happy Ghanian independence day to all our Ghanian GUAP readers! Here at GUAP we welcome and celebrate diverse talents who are underrepresented in the media, this is the place to discover and support artists from all walks of life. In celebration of Ghana’s independence day, we are celebrating Ghanian based luxury fashion brand, Christie Brown created by designer Aisha Obuobi and named after her source of inspiration, her grandmother. Obuobi combines bold African print with unique stand out silhouettes creating outfits perfect for the bold, ambitious yet fun women.

The way Obuobi plays around with traditional workwear and fun prints has caught the attention of  Tina Knowles, businesswomen and mother of Beyonce, seen wearing and giving the brand a shout out on Instagram after a visit to Ghana. The brands Autumn/ Winter 2019 collection called ‘She Is King’ speaks to the woman who is ready to embrace her feminine energy that holds so much strength and commands respect that she deserves the title of a King. Knowing lots of Ghanaians myself they have a quiet strength about them, that today we are loudly celebrating! 


“I  wanted to create fashion that is based on international trends but is still deeply rooted in our culture”


 Looking through the brands Instagram brought a smile on my face, seeing the stunning models smiling and allowing their personalities to shine through as well as their short styling videos full of joy and character. Using social media to change the usual perception of black women is powerful and can slowly change the narrative of ‘the angry black women’ by showing the world that  African features and traditions are not to be ashamed of but celebrated.


The more we draw attention to these talented designers who are not being represented, the more we can start to see a diverse range of individuals in the fashion industry, so this Ghanian independence day remember how far we have come and how far we can go as long as we keep supporting and bringing each other up in spaces where we have a voice.