The Vibrate Masterclass: The Art of Live Performance

The Vibrate Masterclass: The Art of Live Performance

The world of music, overlooked from a purely African perspective, comes with a vast burst of color and even more remarkable feats of promise as new sounds continue to be unearthed.
In Ghana, caging the distinct nature of sound is seemingly impossible, as there is too much to dip your toes into in such a densely creative space.

The African soundscapes, despite their growth, require tutoring and reawakening. It is one thing to possess a larger-than-life tone and tune, and it is another thing entirely to know the ins and outs of the trade: how to present oneself sonically, what it means to embody your art, and most importantly, how to be your own uniquely marketable product.

Vibrate Masterclass

On February 22 February 22, 2023, Ghanaian-based music workstation Vibrate Space held a masterclass, dubbed “Vibrate Masterclass,” to put a much-needed professional spin on the ever-expansive world of Ghanaian music.

This MasterclassMasterclass sought to establish a level of oneness between music and its performer as it dove into what it means to represent an unshakable movement in Ghanaian music. 

Vibrate Masterclass

Hosted by the incredible songstress Ria Boss and including panelists such as Lucas WalterPanji Anoff, Nigerian artist Wurld, and record producer Nii Quaye Aryee, the Vibrate Masterclass was an intimate deep dive into the world of African music with an onslaught of wisdom and pointers that would do good to the existing music universe. 

Full of live performances, an open forum for questions, and a collective sense of togetherness, the Vibrate Masterclass, though the first of its kind to occur, comes packed with a ton of promise for the overall betterment of the world of Ghanaian music. 

Vibrate Masterclass

A resurgence and profound diversification of the Ghanaian sound is in full effect. With a much-needed event such as this, many interested in such a field are sure to benefit significantly from such an event.

Vibrate MasterclassMasterclass, without a shadow of a doubt, served its purpose: to establish the world of music and open it up with pointers on tackling such a space head-on. 

With the hopes of contributing to raising the unique kin of Ghanaian artists, this edition of the Vibrate Masterclass was a success in every sense of the word for the creative lot of artists the Ghanaian motherland has spawned and is yet to spawn, and for Ghana, and all the greatness within her creatively, to be unveiled.

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