Fantasm: The Art Experience Review

Fantasm: The Art Experience Review

The diversity of art cannot be understood, as day in and day out, artisans and creatives make it a point to test the waters and discover different ways that exist to tell their truth, their message, and their art in ways unique to them. Creatives who relish pursuing a good challenge have lived worldwide, pushing the boundaries of what art is and what art could be in Ghana, where such creatives are actively pushing boundaries. On February 24th and 25th2023, a discovery in art was made. 

One that blends mediums and does a perfect job of contorting our perceptions of the art world completely and entirely. Dubbed “Fantasm,” an art exhibition by Ghanaian digital artistic creative Xane Asiamah, this event bursts onto the scene in similar lights but with a standalone distinction. This event twists the medium of art in a thrillingly challenging way, and all attending are compelled to comprehend why that is so.

This exhibition, powered by Ghanaian contemporary art home and connoisseurs Art Swap, ventured deep into the landscapes of creative storytelling through pictorial pieces and overall sublime representation. As impeccable and technologically advanced as this event ended up being, what makes it one of a kind is this exhibition’s ability to bring art and music together. 

A melting pot of moving pieces from the creative mindscape of Xane Asiamah and music acts from the Ghanaian motherland, the first day of this event came with unique art, and the second came with the bar-breaking mix of audio and visual creativity.

With creations from artists such as Vera Aligebam, Kenneth Boa-Amponsem, Datartgod, Emmanuel Holm, and many other local Ghanaian creative geniuses, Fantasm allowed all in attendance to herald the true definition of art: its fullness, its expansiveness, and its individuality. 

Fantasm Exhibition
Courtesy of Art Swap Inc

This further added to the sheer excitement bursting through the creative scene as locals waited in the highest anticipation for a chance to be a part of the difference in its divinity.

The face of art saw a much-needed transformation through the Fantasm exhibition, which occurred at Buro Ghana in Osu from the 24th and 25th of February, 2023. A thrill of epic proportions with earth-shattering stories to be told and appreciated, the bar of artistry in Ghana rises with Fantasm, leaving all who dare to trek such an innovative route a much-needed, hyper-creative guide to follow and to be inspired by.

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