The Re-Education of Carnival: Da Community x Pure Lime Carnival Takeover

The Re-Education of Carnival: Da Community x Pure Lime Carnival Takeover

Da Community (D.c) has emerged as a beacon of creativity, challenging the norms of individualism in London’s competitive creative landscape. Through fostering connections, collaboration, and community spirit among the city’s young creatives, D.c has embarked on a transformative mission, epitomised by their recent Carnival Takeover Series.

Kicking off with a bang, the Re-Education of Carnival series is a testament to DC’s commitment to exploring the profound significance of carnival within the Afro-Caribbean diaspora and its lasting impact on Britain’s creative fabric. The series, comprising four immersive events, delves deep into the roots of carnival, blending cultural education with artistic expression. 

The inaugural event in January set the stage with a Calypso Cypher, delving into the rich history of ‘Kaiso’ (Calypso) and oral storytelling. From the rhythms of West Africa to the vibrant streets of the Caribbean, attendees were taken on a captivating journey through time and culture. The musical ambiance, curated by D.c ‘s DJ XHNWAV & Pure Lime’s DJ AudioHazard, seamlessly blended contemporary tracks with timeless classics, setting the tone for an enlightening experience.

A highlight of the event was a keynote talk by Tobago Crusoe, a Calypso musical legend, whose insights added depth to the discussion surrounding the spirit of Carnival. 

The subsequent Speaker’s Corner, led by the esteemed Phillip Beckles-Raymond, provided a platform for thought-provoking conversations on freedom, art, and power, within the context of contemporary Britain. Building on this momentum, the second instalment of the series invited attendees to explore the multifaceted significance of carnival in Britain’s creative landscape. Thought-provoking questions such as “What should freedom look like for Black people in 2024?” and “What should be the role of Black people’s art in Britain?” sparked engaging dialogues, fostering a sense of enlightenment and community spirit at Talent House.

Looking ahead, DC has an exciting lineup of events, including DJ workshops, T-shirt cutting sessions, and art workshops for children, aimed at engaging the multicultural London community. These initiatives underscore DC’s mission to unpack the historical and cultural roots of carnival, fostering greater understanding and celebration within diaspora communities.

Da Community’s Carnival Takeover Series transcends traditional boundaries, bridging gaps, and presenting a radical new approach to creativity. Through their innovative blend of education and celebration, DC is paving the way for a more inclusive and holistic experience of carnival, rooted in community and shared cultural heritage. Da Community’s Carnival Takeover Series is in full swing, and their packages for the day are out now! Don’t miss your chance to be part of history and join them in reshaping the Carnival experience. Secure your spot today and embark on a journey of creativity, community, and celebration like never before. Spearheaded by the incredible artist Nayana AB, join Da Community in mashing up the place at Carnival 2024, with exciting collaborations. Whether you have never been to carnival before, or go every year, be ready to experience it in a whole new way! 

Written by: Tumi Ogundamisi 

Shot by: Saadiq Theophilus & Tolu Elusadé 

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