The Originals Creator Network is here! Meet the new Originals

The Originals Creator Network is here! Meet the new Originals

The adidas London x GUAP Originals Creator Network is back with another cohort of 20 amazing young individuals who are expected to do amazing things in this upcoming year! Supported by bi-weekly workshops, access to industry mentors, and a grant to create a final piece of work, we can’t wait to see what this year’s Originals produce!

Without further ado, please meet your new OCN.

Aicha Thomas

Aicha Thomas is a visual artist, specialising in 120mm and 35mm film photography. She strives to increase the representation of Black people through her art, all whilst producing and capturing thought-provoking imagery. Aicha takes pride in portraying her subjects in an honest, authentic way, as well as making them feel comfortable in front of the camera. She loves shooting on film, because the subject in front of the lens has no choice but to trust her vision and way with the camera!

Andre Martin

Hi, I’m André Martin and I am a multi-media content creator. My work ranges from digital and film photography to videography and graphics. I try to capture the world through my eyes and to share my creative visions with others.

Andrei Singo

I’m Andrei, a Filipino graphic designer based in London. I aim to create designs that communicate a message and connect with audiences through visually compelling creations of typography, branding and digital design. Outside of design, I have interests within music, sneakers and basketball. I find inspiration in the creativity and artistry of each of these mediums and strive to bring that same level of imagination, purpose and attention to detail to my design work. The storytelling of music, the cultural significance of sneakers and the strategy of basketball all inform my creative approach.

Lex Lee

Lex Lee is a London-based artist and illustrator from Hong Kong. Working with watercolour and colour pencils, she channels her imaginary world into her artwork with a touch of softness and hopefulness. Her work draws influence from her upbringing in Hong Kong where she was exposed to a diversity of East Asian cultures, particularly manga and anime. Although she initially pursued business studies in Hong Kong, she ultimately pivoted back to her calling in art. She spent a year studying Fine Art at Willem de Kooning Academie, Rotterdam before moving to London in 2022 to further her artistic journey. Today, she is passionate about exploring the intersection of fine art and illustration in the space of painting, drawing, and participatory performances.

Chiara Xie

Chiara Xie, a recent graduate of Kingston University London, is now an illustrator based in London. Raised by immigrant parents, Chiara has spent her life in both China and Italy, soaking up the rich cultures of both, while dealing with the contrasting values each brings, viewed through distinct social lenses. Being deeply influenced by her surroundings, Chiara likes to design the environment for her characters to reside in, with the hint of Pop Culture and Italian Futurism thrown in. Currently, Chiara’s work is all about exploring digitalization, wellness vibes, and the complexities of human connections.

Courtney Olet

Courtney Olet is a photographer capturing the connection between people and places

Geneve Chu

I want to be ‘enough’. But what does it mean to feel and be ‘enough’? My name is Geneve Chu and I am a multidisciplinary artist. Influenced by my upbringing in Hong Kong’s results-driven culture, I gained a strong desire to reclaim the demanding system for productivity and functionality as I find satisfaction in the labours of creating, organising and fictionalising. A reactive undertaking of project management, conversing, writing, photographing, performing, videoing and editing drives my practice. Often gravitating towards vivid colours, I collage my contradicting relationships with the free-spirited validation seeker, the quiet and confrontational ambiguous body, the authentic methodological investigator and the emotional pragmatist in the fluxes of physical and digital mediums. The verb “becoming” is important to my practice as I learn to embrace the possibilities in this not-fully-realised state. I am always at work, reworked and working. I hope to relearn how to value and appreciate myself to feel and be ‘enough’.

Hannah Murrell

London based music photographer Hannah Murrell has spent the past three years honing her craft in independent venues from Florida to London. Since moving to the city, she has worked with clients such as Dazed Magazine, Speedy Wunderground, and Bird on the Wire to document the performances of the most exciting upcoming talent in the UK. She is dedicated to telling stories with her photographs, having earned a degree in Film, Television, and Digital Production, and has always been captivated by the power that live music has to move people. She hopes to convey the emotion of live shows within her work and searches for intimate moments whether artists are on stage or off.

Kammie Kaktyte

I am a dynamic and innovative Stylist and creative director, who also has in-depth marketing and content creation knowledge. I am driven by the desire to inspire elevation and out-of-the-box creativity. With a vibrant personality, I bring a fresh and unique perspective to all the brands I work with. As a creative director, I strive to make a meaningful impact by embracing authenticity and inclusivity in every project. My signature style blends modern aesthetics with a touch of romanticism, evoking a nostalgic atmosphere that indulges a deep connection between the audience and the visual imagery. Through fashion-forward concepts and intricate layered styling, I aim to create engaging and captivating visuals and styles that leave a lasting impression. I possess a keen eye for detail, allowing me to produce compelling compositions within photography/videography visuals. Fuelled by an insatiable hunger for personal development and growth, I constantly seek to expand my skill set, making me an exceptionally creative professional.

Kat Friar

Kat Friar, also known as KATALYSSST, the 3S’s stand for shooter, selecta and social media assistant. Music is a constant within her creation, whether she’s DJing or capturing her favourite artists. She’s shot over 100 artist portraits through being a passionate fan and her stint in music journalism. Having been an avid concert goer since the age of 10, her passion for live music would later turn into a stunning live portfolio, having shot the likes of Ari Lennox, Giveon and more. Most recently she’s been working with Kali Claire on music video BTS and single/EP covers. Music is what feeds her photography style, with her film photos playing on nostalgia and her digital photos capturing artists with a sleeker touch.

Lily Mackintosh

My name is Lily, I am a London-based, aspiring fashion photographer. I draw a variety of inspiration from my surroundings – from nature to the streets and the people I encounter on a day-to-day basis. I am driven to craft distinctive images that integrate photography with diverse design mediums and techniques. I am looking forward to honing my skills in lighting as I love how profoundly it can influence mood, atmosphere and the overall impact of an image. I thrive on collaborating with like minded creatives – with an end goal of bringing a unique and meaningful vision to life. 

Lucien Phoenix

Lucien Phoenix was born and raised in Topanga, California and is now rooted in South London. Their photography weaves together themes of gender exploration, familial bonds, the raw emotion of grief, and the timeless beauty of nature. Each photograph shows a world where emotions run deep, inviting viewers to pause, reflect, and connect with the universal truths that resonate within. Lucien’s work seeks to transcend boundaries, sparking conversations and fostering empathy across diverse cultures and backgrounds.

Matthew Jennings

Hi, I’m Matt, an illustrator and artist hailing from South Auckland, New Zealand. My work aims to shed light on the often unnoticed emotions and experiences that influence our day-to-day existence. I draw inspiration from various outlets, such as personal encounters, the wonders of nature, and contemporary culture. With a meticulous attention to detail and a fervor for narrative, I craft graphic pieces that aspire to evoke contemplation and visually captivate.

Melissa Ewuraba Anaman

Melissa Anaman is a British-Ghanaian photographer whose work explores afro-futurism and references different art styles in a contemporary photography context. 

I often look to the past to drive forward my creative process, with some of my influences being vintage fashion and films ​​but ultimately, my subjects inspire me. The person/s that I photograph will inform my choice of styling and art direction. I am drawn to reflecting strong feminine characters in my works because of the strong women I have in my life. 

Motunrayo Sowunmi

Motunrayo Sowunmi is a photographer and stylist from London. She is drawn to history, Sci-Fi and fantasy, and focuses on storytelling and characterisation through her imagery. Having studied BA Fashion Promotion & Imaging, and MA Fashion Business and Management, she is strongly inspired by fashion theory and Cultural Studies. She is heavily influenced by film, fashion and themes of identity and subcultures. Through her work, she aims to challenge stereotypes and showcase authentic stories. She loves learning about people’s backgrounds, and the inner workings of relationships and communities, which she strives to reflect within her work.

Sahara Malcolm-Smith

London based Graphic Designer and Makeup Artist. Creates distinctive and abstract makeup looks on herself and others. With a BA in Architecture, uses 3D software to design unique spaces and installations. Community and collaboration play an important part in her work.

Sahara lives to create.

Sam Mvemba

I’m Sam Mvemba (Simba), a creative from east London. I’ve always had a passion for story telling no matter the format. Whether it be my own stories or for other people, I just enjoy the process of breathing life into creative concepts. That has led me to take up roles such as a being a producer, videographer and a creative. With all that said, the most important thing is we do it together.

Sergio Lopez

Sergio L Lopez-Borja, 1st generation immigrant, a Latin photographer and art director, known as that cyclist blasting cumbias on the roads. His work highlights the diaspora of Latin community in the UK, through fashion, dance and music; bringing light to our overlooked and often invisible community. Creating Latin archives of our heritage for the generations to come.

With a diverse background in Biology and Design, I’m proud to be able to successfully craft and direct campaigns, bridging cultural boundaries and resonating with diverse audiences.

Sondlilwe Pamisa

Sondliwe Pamisa is a Zimbabwean-British interdisciplinary artist living and working in London, UK

Drawing upon literary, cinematic and musical influence to produce freeform narratives that capture the expansiveness of the afropolitan experience, Pamisa’s abstract and figurative works examine the elusive complexities of diasporic living and identity. 

Themes of liberation, identity and legacy coalesce into scenic vignettes that express the emotional intimacy of his world, and transfigure the cultural clashes and historical narratives of life in the global post-colonial society, particularly those of the artist’s native Zimbabwe.

His work has been commissioned in differing formats and exhibited in a number of group shows including Guap Magazine Community Exhibition (2021), Yield, APT (2022), Piecemeal (2023), and En Route, Southwark Park Galleries (2024). In addition, he has taken part in residencies, such as the Colart + Griffin Gallery Residency (2021). He is currently working on a number of projects, including his first monograph entitled, sketches of pain.

Tiffany Raab

Tiffany is a Visual Artist and art director whose work is focused on identity and evoking emotion through imagery. She loves the use of colours and grain to create a dreamy effect across her work.