The Best Makeup Looks at the GUAP Gala 2023

The Best Makeup Looks at the GUAP Gala 2023

After all of the prosthetic makeup, sparkle and alien skin we saw on the night, we have to shine a light on our brilliant guests and their creative makeup looks at this year’s GUAP Gala. There were some really some jaw-dropping interpretations on our starry, intergalactic Cosmic Dreams theme, so here is a list of our favourite Cosmic Dream make-up looks that struck us throughout the magical night.

Michelle Smith

Up first we have Michelle Smith. This pearly dream by Kareem Jarché Makeup was everything we wanted and more, and we could not have been more impressed with the attention to detail. This stoney futuristic take on a Cosmic Dream was sheer perfection.

Michelle Smith, makeup by Kareem Jarché

Sophia Thakur

We adored Writer of the Year award winner Sophia’s soft glam rendition of our Cosmic Dream theme by Makeupbysimmi. The glowy nebula inspired look was enough to make us fall in love. The poet had a pink and purple colour palette that was enhanced by matching gems giving us a reference to a starry galaxy.

Mr Schnack

Up next we have Mr Schnack who gave us a gorgeous glam rock galaxy look. Leah Rebekah was the MUA behind this Bowie style look, complete with black crystals surrounding the eye, and we loved the way the design carried on down the neck making this bold black and silver look one of our favourites of the night.


The Alien of our dreams! R.A.E gave us an ‘Alien Villain’ as her interpretation of our Cosmic Dream theme and we are obsessed. Executed by Jacxx_mua this blue reptilian look, complete with prosthetics on the cheekbones, gave us all the drama we wanted from our guests.

R.A.E., makeup by Jacxx_mua

Nana Esi

Nana Esi’s look was otherworldly and gave us a moment that wowed the carpet. Done by Makeupbychelseax, this silver and smoky eye look was perfect, giving us a futuristic spin on a cosmic dream. Complemented by the bleach brows and soft blush, this look was a regal finish to the rest of the outfit and we loved every part of it.

Nana Esi, makeup by Makeup By Chelsea

Dami Hope

Dami gave us cosmic royalty with this gold and glossy look. Made up by Myla, this dewy finish and studded detailing, with gold chains creating a bridge across his nose and eyebrows, and gold studs painted across his fingertips, was a simple yet bold and effective way of delivering on theme.

Dami Hope, makeup by Myla

Giselle Ali

Another alien superstar! Makeup artist Giselle did her own striking blue alien skin (including her body) and had a spiked prosthetic ear cuff to really push that extra-terrestial theme home The striking blue paired with prosthetics was a masterpiece beyond measure and was one of our favourite looks of the night.

Giselle Ali, makeup by Giselle Ali

Kyron Hamilton 

Kyron was an angel sent straight from the galaxies with his golden, cosmic no-eyebrow look. With make-up by Freya Paxton, Kyron’s face glistened throughout the gala and radiated with this sun-inspired look. 

Kyron Hamilton, makeup by Freya Paxton

Priscilla Anyabu

Priscilla dazzled us with her gemstone look, using special effects makeup to make it appear as if the gem stones were imprinted in her forehead. Done by Paige Col, this elegant look focused on reflecting the colours and aesthetics shown on Priscilla’s dress and we appreciated it in all of its glory.

Priscilla Anyabu, makeup by Page Col


Mahamed’s martian makeup was everything we needed for our GUAP Gala theme. The photographer gave us a gorgeous head paint styled in green alike a character straight from space. This statement makeup was detailed to perfection and was the highlight of a simple yet effective look.

Mariana Jaguite

Mariana gave a starry glam look that stunned the carpet. Our model of the year winner was made up by Vanessa and was soft yet powerful with the use of gems in the hairline to frame this runway ready look. An out of this world look for an out of this world girl!

Mariana Jaguite, makeup by Vanessa

Simply Sayo

Last year’s host Simply Sayo went for a bright colour-blocked eye look to match with her shiny teal dress. The blues, greens and yellowy tones by makeup artist Faithlyn perfectly illuminated the sparkle in her jewellery and the gems on the bottom of her dress too, which we loved.

Krystal D’anjou

DUSK2DAWN presenter Krystal D’Anjou stayed true to her “Krystal with the Crystals” nickname, this year putting the crystals on her edges and nails, pairing them with a bold metallic eye look in an electric blue. A massive shoutout to Sofia Paradis who did Krystal’s hair, nails AND makeup!

Elsie Cullen

GUAP’s own Community Manager Elsie Cullen dazzled us all with her simple but attention-grabbing makeup. With a soft metallic eyelid and gold dust and gems speckled across her face and hair, she stayed true to the theme while still keeping it pretty and not overpowering her gorgeous iridescent dress, which she made herself! You can watch her make the dress on her instagram or tiktok.

Shan Rosanna

Last but not least we have Shan Rosanna whose look was seamlessly tied in with her stunning cosmic cloud dress. Shannon went for an exaggerated version of the “bright under eye” trend, including the forehead and eyebrows too so it looked like she was wearing goggles, or perhaps had a cloud on her face to match her dress. Really futuristic and spacey. For an extra pop, she added pearl details and white mascara. 

Shan Rosanna

Whose makeup looks was your favourite? Have we missed anyone? Tweet us @guapmag and let us know.