Kelechi Okafor [@kelechnekoff] is GUAP’s cultural hero of the year supported by WhatsApp [@Whatsapp]

Kelechi Okafor [@kelechnekoff] is GUAP’s cultural hero of the year supported by WhatsApp [@Whatsapp]

Over the years, Kelechi Okafor has cemented herself in the UK’s cultural landscape with her eclectic talents. Her most recent award at this year’s GUAP Gala as Cultural Hero of the Year, category supported by WhatsApp, has fortified her position even more. 

Kelechi is best known for her five-star podcast Say Your Mind. In the solo show she discusses a wide range of topics, from pop culture, to tarot cards, to politics. The cultural commentator is able to shift between vulnerability and hilarity, and each episode (released on Mondays, 262 to date) makes for a gripping listen. 

More recently, she has focused herself on releasing her book Edge of Here: Stories from Near to Now, a collection of dystopian stories exploring contemporary Black womanhood, and what the near future holds. The just released debut is already receiving outstanding reviews and appraisals from industry leaders and worldwide readers, proving itself to be a must-have for the upcoming season. 

Kelechi’s career has risen from a must-follow Twitter account, into a fully respected figure across industries. From cracking audiences up with her Sally in HR sketch, to unpacking the inherent racism of the royal family live on Sky News, to running a pole dancing studio, Kelechi is unstoppable. Gorgeously accepting her award wearing all gold at the National History Museum, Kelechi looked like a superstar, and her future is looking ever so bright. 

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