The Best Dressed at the Youtube Legacy Party 2023

The Best Dressed at the Youtube Legacy Party 2023

Last week, under the glittering chandeliers of the Royal Opera House, YouTube threw a star-studded celebration; the Youtube Legacy Party, marking 50 years of hip-hop. The event, put together by Sheniece Charway, was an ode to a genre that has not only shaped our playlists but also our culture. As the beats reverberated through the hallowed halls, the fashion scene was equally electrifying.

In the midst of this musical and fashion extravaganza, we couldn’t help but turn our spotlight towards the best-dressed personalities who graced the event. Here’s a glimpse into some of the sartorial brilliance from the evening.

Uche Natori

Uche Natori, the esteemed beauty expert, graced the party with a jaw-dropping look that left us stunned. She chose to make a statement in a black cut-out dress adorned with ruched detailing. The dress and make-up truly brought out all of Uche’s best features, topped by hair meticulously crafted by SlayedbyBailey. But it wasn’t just the dress that caught our eye; it was also the exquisite pearl-shaped bag she carried (that we need the ID on). This bag was a work of art in itself, resembling a pearl with a gold ergonomic handle. It was a fusion of elegance and innovation, adding class and modernity to Uche’s look. With her choice of attire and accessories, Uche Natori set out to make a statement and succeeded, right at the intersection of beauty and fashion. Her ensemble was a testament to the fact that fashion is not just about clothing; it’s about presence. 

Femi Oyeniran

Femi Oyeniran, the media tycoon with a magnetic sense of style, epitomized sophistication. 

For the evening, he chose to embrace the classic charm of a smart suit look. A pristine white collar shirt served as the canvas upon which his entire outfit would come to life, seamlessly blending tradition with contemporary allure. The pièce de résistance of Femi’s ensemble was an exquisite long black overcoat by Balmain. Its sleek silhouette and meticulous craftsmanship added an air of refinement and authority, making the look a must-have on this list. To complete this dashing look, Femi chose Louboutin shoes. 

Jourdan Riane

Jourdan Riane made an appearance as a vision of allure and confidence, her outfit was just another example of her innate ability to captivate. She donned a black beaded high-slit bustier dress that was nothing short of a work of art. The intricate beadwork on one side created a mesmerizing texture and pattern, adding that necessary touch of glam. The dress featured a dramatic slit that accentuated her leg, adding a hint of sensuality and drama to her overall look. Jourdan’s outfit was self-assured and refined, and her presence was surely felt at the Legacy Party.

Ibrahim Kamara and Jide Adetunji

Ibrahim Kamara and Jide Adetunji, the visionary founders of our very own Guap Magazine, graced YouTube’s 50 Years of Hip-Hop Legacy Party with stone-cold style. Jide, one-half of this dynamic duo, donned a cream-colored suit from ASOS with an open-neck shirt serving as the perfect complement to his ensemble, exuding a sense of understated luxury. His choice of footwear, Doc Martens, added an unexpected twist to the traditional suit, fusing high fashion with a touch of rebellion. Ibrahim, on the other hand, was a vision of avant-garde elegance. Styled by J Kogzy, he was enveloped in a black fur-fringed jacket by Yves Saint Laurent, making an unmistakable statement. Paired with sleek black suit pants, Ibrahim’s outfit embodied the fusion of history and creativity that is synonymous with the theme of the night’s events.

Around their necks, both Ibrahim and Jide wore the emblematic G chains, which not only served as a symbol of their magazine but also as a testament to their deep connection with the world of hip-hop.

Ivorian Doll

Ivorian Doll, arrived as an enchanting fashion spectacle. Every detail of her outfit was carefully curated to captivate and inspire, leaving an indelible mark on the night’s style narrative. Her look was choreographed by Sheldon Da Creator, who brought his unique flair to the table. Diamond London Hair, known for their expertise in coiffure, ensured that Ivorian Doll’s hair did what it needed to, the perfect frame for her stunning ensemble. But it was the dress that truly stole the show—a gold shimmering evening dress crafted by the acclaimed Elidys Couture. This dress was a dazzling embodiment of glamour and extravagance. 

Priscilla Anyabu

Priscilla Anyabu chose to don a brown rayon pantsuit with broad shoulders, a nod to the era of power dressing and a perfect embodiment of her confident demeanor. Sheldon Da Creator was a hitmaker for this event, once again masterfully curating this outfit. Veneer James, a hairstyling virtuoso, took care of Priscilla’s hair, crafting jumbo braids to add to her ensemble. We just had to add this look, as although simple, it still kept with the up-beat tempo and strength of the community at the Legacy Party.

Wunmi Bello

Wunmi Bello, the charismatic host of the WunmiBelloshow, was draped in a striking red strapless gown, its impeccable fit accentuated her silhouette, breathing a bit of glamour into the Opera House. The gown’s bold hue was a declaration of her presence at the event, capturing the essence of passion and energy that define hip-hop culture. Adorning her neckline was a silver and diamond petal necklace that glistened like starlight. Wunmi Bello’s ensemble was a harmonious blend of classic Hollywood glamour and contemporary fashion sensibilities.

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