Is beige the new black or all-white party?

Is beige the new black or all-white party?

Damson Idris hosted an all-beige birthday party for his 32nd – but was it in rivalry of familiar all-white party traditions? The outfits were coherent yet varied: Idris’ fit consisted of a simple three button beige suit; Lori Harvey wore a bodycon zipped dress; Tyler the Creator showed up in his quintessential puffer jacket, but does this all-beige party mark an end from celebrity all-white or black parties?

Sean (Diddy) Combs is said to have popularised all-white parties every 4th of July after his Hampton soirees in the late 90s and 2000s, but perhaps the beige parties have come to dethrone our past traditions. All-white parties initially garnered popularity because the colour brought a sense of elevation and ‘boujieness’. Likewise, it was seen as the ultimate summer colour. Yet now, it seems like there’s an attractive subtlety that beige possesses. Beige is sophisticated but also quiet. And similarly, the colour is suited to Autumn bashes. 

The same goes with all-black parties, too. While they’ve always been less popular, a sea of black suits and dresses at parties and weddings always spoke of mystery and coolness. The beige party now seems to do the same job but with a brighter effect. 

So while Damson Idris has broken conventions with his latest all-beige party, we are yet to see if this was just a one-off or if a new trend has really been set.

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