Reekado Banks mixes sunny Afropop with cool Amapiano beats alongside his instantly recognisable vocals to create this future smash hit single, featuring stand-out verses from fellow superstars Adekunle Gold and Maleek Berry.

Speaking on the new single Banks says its ‘just an honest admission to oneself about being in a relationship when you have your doubts but you’re still hoping for the best. Maybe a bit toxic but sweet’. He adds “It’s amazing to have both Adekunle Gold and Maleek Berry on this song so it’s such a big deal and it has to Feel Different for real.  This is one of the singles leading to my album later this year. There’ll be loads of beautiful collaborations and some fire music. We’ll take it to the fans on the road for my UK, Europe and US tour so I’m looking forward to this new adventure.”

Bethel: How does ‘Feel Different’ represent the overall vibe of the upcoming project and what made you choose it as one of the singles leading up to the release.

Reekado Banks: First of all, I’m so glad that you liked the video because it’s so much effort trying to do what people like these days. Not even these days, all the time. Being able to stay in my own creative lane and being able to be confident in what I express, is good enough. Now that you’re telling me that you like, it feels really good. This song is really special to me. I thought the collaboration was a grand one to bring forth the album, so we decided to kick off with it.

Bethel: In what way would you say the song is similar to other tracks in your album?

Reekado Banks: I was talking to Shizzi the other day, a producer from Nigeria, and he was asking me the same question – how my album was sounding. I told him it was a body of work where I am compiling different feelings, different sounds that all feel good. This album has been recorded over three years, and we haven’t been on the same vibe, every time. We have tried to evolve through times of change and we have been able to express that, so I feel like everybody should be ready for a surprise of some sort.

Bethel: This single is about being in a relationship where you have your doubts, but you still experience the pleasant elements of being in a relationship. How personal is this story to you?

Reekado Banks: Talking about it right now and how you’ve just put it together, I think it is really personal but that is as much as I would go about it.

Bethel: A lot has happened in your life since your debut album ‘Spotlight‘. How would you say your sound has evolved and what kind of factors have influenced that evolution?

Reekado Banks: Being collaborative has really improved my sound, just from my mindset. It’s not just about collaborating on a song with another artist, it’s mixing up with people and doing things with people, making music that’s not mine with people, making music that’s mine with people. Just getting in the room with people discussing business with people – that has expanded my sound. Everybody has brought something to my table and you’d be surprised how amazing everybody is. Everybody is special, so being receptive of their amazing elements has really expanded my sound and I’m really proud of where I am.

Bethel: You’ve been in this musical game for a while now. What has inspired you to stay on this journey for so long?

Reekado Banks: Thinking about it, it’s been like eight/nine years now but I feel like I’m just about to pop. I feel like before now, I’ve been a conservative person – I’ve always felt like what I had was enough, but I have now realised over the last couple of years that what I have is supposed to give me everything that I want. I’m moving on in that light right now and I feel like I’m about to use my gift, I’m about to really show people that I have a gift.

I’ve always had the gift, I know that for sure, but I’ve always thought the gift would show itself. Right now, I’m at that point where I know that I’m supposed to show it. I’ve been working over these years, hours and hours of rehearsals, and hours and hours of evolving myself, trying to elevate. I believe that it’s really just the start for me. It doesn’t even feel like it’s been close to a decade.

Bethel: What can we expect from your live performances?

Reekado Banks: Amazingness! I’ve been rehearsing every time I’m with my band and we need to elevate. The word they need to hear from me is “Wembley” and then everybody elevates, because we’re going somewhere, we’re in motion and it’s happening.

While you wait on Reekado’s album, listen to the latest offering below and discover more from GUAP’s Music section here.

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