GUAP 34: Who is Araloyin Oshunremi? [@araloyino] [@topboynetflix]

Born in Illinois, raised in Hackney, and of Yoruba Nigerian descent, Araloyin Oshunremi is an actor to watch after his lead performance in season three’s critically acclaimed British television series Top Boy.

Top Boy first premiered in 2011, was revived by Netflix in 2019, and is now watched by millions across the globe. Following the lives of individuals involved in the gritty drug trade in East London’s Summer House, Top Boy sheds light on the complexities of juggling family life, friendships, relationships, and school while situated in a dynamic London drug cartel. Moreover, in the show’s latest and final season, we follow the growth of ‘Stefan’ Araloyin’s character into manhood in the absence of his brother Jamie, played by Michael Ward in season two. Ultimately, we embark on Stefan’s ambitions to emulate his brother’s footsteps and archive his memory by bringing depth, intensity, and vulnerability to the role.

GUAP: Was your experience growing up in Hackney similar or different to Stefan’s experience growing up in Top Boy?

Araloyin: In certain aspects, it was. For example, in Top Boy, you see all of Jamie’s friends were like older brothers to Stefan, and this was the same for me growing up in my area in Hackney. All my brother’s friends would take care of me and make sure I stay in line and focus on school when he’s not there – which you see a lot of in Top Boy with Stefan’s character. You see Kit (played by Jamie Tovell ) caring for him when Jamie’s not there.

Araloyin has demonstrated his commitment to perfecting his craft by taking on diverse roles outside the Summer house-like narratives. He plays the role of ‘Otis’ in Netflix’s ‘Heartstopper’ – a popular graphic novel series created by Alice Oseman, known for its heartwarming and inclusive portrayal of young LGBTQ+ relationships navigating life. From Otis to Stefan, Araloyin has already begun to show the world he is a young, fresh, and dynamic talent full of immense acting potential.

However, as a reserved 19-year-old, very little can be found about Araloyin’s personal life once the cameras stop rolling. Therefore, we cannot help but ask,’ Who is Araloyin Oshunremi?’ What are his interests? His favourite places to eat? His favourite films to watch?
GUAP sat down with the enigma himself to uncover more about the young man behind our screens.

GUAP: Would you befriend Stefan and Otis in real life if you met them?

Araloyin: Stefan – no. Stefan’s a little rat; he’s pretty annoying. On the other hand, Otis is more kind and cares about your feelings. I would befriend him, but. Stefan is a bit too needy, and I feel like he will get me in trouble.

GUAP: What are your goals as an actor?

Araloyin: To be considered of the greatest. I want to increase my work ethic and work with the best directors. Overall, I’m working towards leaving a legacy so my name is remembered forever – not just for acting. I want my acting work to affect people’s lives in positive ways. 

GUAP: As a young black man, how does being an established actor starring in Netflix productions feel?

Araloyin: It feels fantastic. I’m not going to lie to you; life is good. I feel like many doors have been open for me, where I can try new things and be in rooms with people I never thought I would be in a room with. But I would say there’s still much work for me to do. Being in the Netflix arena is just the start.

GUAP: What type of films/shows would you like to star in within the next ten years?

Araloyin: I’d like to star in periodic films and films that have a long-lasting effect on people after they’ve been released, like Titanic.

GUAP: What’s your favorite takeaway meal?

Araloyin: Two seven-inch pizzas, bbq base, sweetcorn, pepperoni, jalapeños, add four wings and chips, with a strawberry Miranda, extra bbq sauce, ketchup and burger sauce. 

GUAP: What’s your favourite thing to do in your free time?

Araloyin: I love playing football. I love watching football. Also, I love watching movies and different shows, I am currently watching Wu-Tang: An American Saga – It’s really good!

GUAP: What’s one value that you live by?

Araloyin: Always God and family first.

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