On Our Radar : Aby Coulibaly -The Dublin Soungstress On The Rise [@AbyCoulibaly]

On Our Radar : Aby Coulibaly -The Dublin Soungstress On The Rise [@AbyCoulibaly]

Aby Coulibaly’s “buttery vocals and nostalgic meld of 90’s R&B beats” have her taking the world by storm, with her cultivating fanbase transcending the borders of her hometown, Dublin, Ireland. She’s refreshingly honest with a soulfully sweet voice that effortlessly transports you into her world and mind.

Aby released her first song, ‘Taurus’ on the 24th of July 2020, racking up over 2.5 million streams at the time. The starting piano chords in ‘Taurus’ won’t have you expecting the beat change, as the catchy chorus “Why you tryna call me” will instantly have your head bopping. It’s a song about not wanting to be disturbed by someone who doesn’t deserve your time or attention anymore, a song you play after spilling all your emotions to your girls.

She then released her second song, titled ‘Maybe’, on the 30th of October 2020, showing off her rich and deep vocals, with the song’s sentiments feeling like an open and honest love letter to herself. There’s just something about her voice that people couldn’t help but fall in love with as she consistently kept releasing singles for everyone to enjoy. Her later singles ‘Long Nights’, ‘Chamomile Tea’ and ‘Rewind’ show off her musical versatility and the different sounds that make her Aby.

Aby’s latest two singles ‘DYWS?’ and ‘Patience’ will take you to the introspective thoughts of Aby, as you take a ride into her world—”the world outside my window”.

She’s On Our Radar – She should be on yours too!

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