RE-UP – The new releases you need on your playlist featuring [@iamodeal], [@mightbechrissi], [@jasminejethwa_], [@SamDotia], [@bibsama] & more

RE-UP – The new releases you need on your playlist featuring [@iamodeal], [@mightbechrissi], [@jasminejethwa_], [@SamDotia], [@bibsama] & more


Emerging from North London, Bib Sama is one of the UK’s muti-faceted artists. The singer/songwriter and producer’s latest single ‘BAEFRIEND’ is filled with his unique flow, catchy melody and progressive production throughout. 

Brent Faiyaz & Coco Jones – Moment Of Your Life 

American R&B singer has teamed up with ‘ICU’ crooner Coco Jones on his latest track ‘Moment Of Your Life’. The soulful track is filled with tasteful storytelling from both singers, along with top-notch vocals to match. 

Deela – Lil Freak

In the second single from her upcoming EP ‘Is This On…?’ Nigerian it girl Deela channels her sexy energy for ‘Lil Freak’. If the sultry track is anything to go by, we’re super excited for her next release.

Chrissi, Rachel Chinouriri – Love Me In Chapters II 

Chrissi’s genius lyrical style was evident in ‘Love Me In Chapters’ however, the addition of singer/songwriter Rachel Chinouriri on ‘Love Me In Chapters II’, has taken the original to a new level. Chrissi and Rachel’s stunning voices blend effortlessly, making this single such an easy listen. 

Earl Sweatshirt, The Alchemist, MIKE – Sentry 

Earl Sweatshirt is known for his relaxed style of rap and this is displayed in his latest single, ‘Sentry’. The Alchemist produced track stands out as it samples the 1969 play ‘A Tempest’ by Aimé Césaire. 

Jasmine Jethwa – Dream Of Running

Jasmine Jethwa’s latest single ‘Dream Of Running’ is (in her words) “My escape song, for every time I wanted to jump into the car and drive away from it all.” Her light, airy vocals pair really well with the soft, soulful production, ultimately making the pairing a match made in heaven. 

Kwengface & Lancey Foux – Fashion Show

Rappers Kwengface and Lancey Foux have teamed up on their latest release ‘Fashion Show’. This collaboration displays their contrasting musical styles yet surprising connection. ‘Fashion Show’ features on Kwengface’s most recent project ‘The Memoir’ and speaks on their love for all things fashion. 

Knucks, Larry June, Kenny Beats – I Suppose

Knucks’ latest collaboration with Bay Area rapper Larry June and producer Kenny Beats has his signature style written all over it. Larry June brings his own unique touch to the single with simple-yet-effective melodies and meaningful lyrics.

Kwaku Asante – The Real Thing

Ahead of his forthcoming album ‘Blue Solstice Volume 2’, London based singer/songwriter Kwaku Asante has released his latest single ‘The Real Thing’. This eclectic masterpiece explores the themes of vulnerability when searching for your one true love. 


After the release of his singles ‘Anabella’, ‘Jolie’ and ‘Carry Me Go’ featuring Boy Spyce, Khaid has returned with his anticipated sophomore EP ‘Emotions’. The Afro-fusion star’s latest project includes four brand new tracks as well as two previously released singles. 

M Huncho – Of Course 

Following the announcement of his forthcoming body of work ‘My Neighbours Don’t Know’, M Huncho has returned with his latest single ‘Of Course’. The Mike Vegas produced track is filled with witty lyrics  paired with an energetic beat. Even though ‘Of Course’ is short and sweet, you will definitely find yourselves playing the catchy track over and over again. 

Moelogo – 15th 

After the release of his last single ‘Balablu’ featuring Hitsound in April, Moelogo has returned to our airwaves with the soulful-yet-reflective new single ‘15th’. Moelogo’s impeccable vocals paired with his amazing storytelling help to deliver a both emotion-provoking and engaging song. 

Mansour ft. Bxks & Odunsi(The Engine) – My Type! 

Paris-based creative Mansour has teamed up with Rapper Bxks and Nigerian singer/songwriter and producer Odunsi (The Engine) on ‘My Type!’ The eclectic track is filled with upbeat rhythms and catchy lyrics that will keep you dancing! 

Odeal – All That It Takes 

After the release of his single ‘Repercussions’, Odeal has quickly returned with his latest effort ‘All That It Takes’. The multi-genre artist keeps his fans on the edges of their seats as he constantly evolves and transforms his refreshing sound. 

Pierre – SLIDE/SPIN?

Off the back of the release of his latest EP ‘Questioning Everything’, Pierre’s has returned with his new single ‘SLIDE/SPIN?’ This track is filled with catchy lyrics and a unique beat, which fits into Pierre’s unique persona. 

Shaé Universe – Passenger Princess

Shaé Universe’s newest offering ‘Passenger Princess’ is filled with the most soulful R&B vibes. The TSB produced track is all about getting over an ex lover all while coming to terms with the fact that the relationship you had is well and truly over. 


After a long two year hiatus, Sam Dotia has made his musical return with the two track single pack ‘LOST SOMETIMES/TtBW’. Known for his smooth-yet-soulful style, Sam doesn’t disappoint with his though-provoking lyrics. This single pack will give you all the feels!


Rucci brings that old-school vibe to his latest track ‘No Rush’. Co-written by Wretch 32, ‘No Rush’ has everything you’re looking for in a new release- a catchy hook, great beat and lyrics that you can easily sing along to!


Known as a musical shapeshifter, Talia Goddess has merged rap with an hypnotic beat on her newest single ‘ONE TIME’. Her trailblazing sound is solidifying her place within the music industry worldwide. 


London based singer PAA KWAY might be an unfamiliar name to you but, he is slowly making his voice heard in the music scene. His latest single ‘I Was Hoping’ speaks on wanting to see a lover again and possibly spend more time with them creating memories. 

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