Pass The Meerkat [@passthemeerkat] Is Back For Season 5

After four successful seasons, Pass The Meerkat is back for a fifth season. The hit short animated series will be released on August 16th, with new episodes released weekly. Each 15-minute episode brings no holds barred group chats to life with humorous storytelling and conversations with nine friends who live in London. 

This season, the show covers hard-hitting themes like growing up in the hood, relationships, football, Bollywood, and more. In the past, the show has accumulated over 30 million views across platforms, 100k watch hours, and collaborations with brands like Boohoo Man, WeWork, Zeze Mills, and more. 

9ine Degrees, the creators behind Pass The Meerkat, hope this new season will “show our viewers the true essence of us as a collective and individuals. Our goal is to bring laughter and inspiration to millions of people around the world.” 

Furthermore, Pass The Meerkat will feel more immersive and experimental this season thanks to the creators releasing real-life uncut versions of their stories to complement the animated versions of the show on YouTube. Their goal “is to give fans a glimpse into our creative process and also to reach new audiences who love animation but also love a good old-fashioned story,” the creators tell GUAP.

Watch the newest season on 9ine Degrees Youtube Channel, and stay in the loop with their shenanigans on InstagramTwitter, and Tik Tok.

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