Natanya on How Her Music is Unravelling the Nuances of Girlhood and Coming of Age.

If you haven’t yet heard of Natanya, you may want to tap in to the 20 year old’s universe of captivatingly sincere alternative R&B that’s capturing the hearts of her agemates. Classically trained and with a voice as smooth as butter, Natanya is not just stepping into her stride with a delicately relatable pen and a boundless approach to genre but also with the skills to match. Her latest singles from her upcoming EP ‘Raining Tomorrow’ and ‘Angel’ are testament to this and only add more reason as to why the whole world should take some moments to listen to what she has to offer.

On a summers day in East London we delved into a conversation with her about who she makes music for, the stories she wants to tell and what it’s like for her to bare her all in her songs.

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