Re-Up – The new music you need to listen to featuring [@AbyCoulibaly] [@OfficialTamera] [@skaiwater] [@SainteYS] [@IbeBellah] & More

Re-Up – The new music you need to listen to featuring [@AbyCoulibaly] [@OfficialTamera] [@skaiwater] [@SainteYS] [@IbeBellah] & More

Aby Coulibaly – DYWS?

This genre-bending song showcases Aby’s silky vocals flowing effortlessly on the 90s inspired R&B beat. The lyrics are well crafted, delivering a message that is easily relatable.  

Bellah – Adultsville (Live)

Bellah is giving her ‘Adultsville’ EP a new lease of life with the release of her three-track ‘Adultsville Live’ EP. The three tracks included in this EP are ‘Prototype’ performed at Eclipse by KOKO along with ‘In The Moment’ and ‘Garden’ performed at DSCVR by Vevo. 

Blanco – ReBourne Mixtape

Kennington’s very own Blanco is back with his brand new offering ‘ReBourne’. With features from fellow UK stars Kojey Radical and Avelino, Blanco takes us on rap masterclass, showcasing his trademark lyrical flows, intelligent wordplay and heavy-hitting production throughout.

Casnova – Alignment EP 

The ‘Alignment’ EP touches on all the genres within dance music. With features from the likes of Angeli, Kalila, Bawo, Kam-Bu and Finn Foxell, this EP is bound to bring you heaps of joy and will take you back to your skanking days. 

DEJA – Mo Farah 

DEJA makes a triumphant return with her latest single ‘Mo Farah’. DEJA effortlessly infuses her soul into this masterpiece, infusing unique Afro influences with pop sounds. This song stands as a testament to her exceptional artistry and shows why she is one of the ten current MOBO Unsung finalists. 

GIYA – Odd Fish EP 

Alt-pop singer Giya has new EP ‘Odd Fish’ is a dreamy and frank love letter to the city she was born and raised in- London. One of the standout tracks on the Odd Fish EP is ‘Spin The Record’. This powerful yet emotionally raw song speaks on her personal relationship with her father and the frustrations that can arise when feelings of anger cloud the love two people have for each other. This EP is filled with nostalgic, no nonsense storytelling along with beautifully crafted music that hits you in the right places. 

Glasshousetenant – Fractured 

Glasshousetenant’s second single of 2023 is ‘Fractured’. The unique, alternative production on the single speaks to who Glasshousetenant is as an artist. The impeccable lyricism paired with incredible vocals is a match made in heaven. 

No Guidance – If Only You Knew 

Bringing back that 90s R&B flavour with a twist is No Guidance with ‘If Only You Knew’. The stellar vocals and lyrics shows No Guidance pouring out their feelings for a lover who seemingly isn’t in their lives anymore. 

Sainté, Cash Cobain – Air4 

UK rapper Sainté has returned with his first single of the year ‘Air4’ featuring New York native Cash Cobain. This catchy rap song has an infectious beat along with a catchy hook. 


Djiboutian- French singer Shay Lia returns with her third single of the year titled ‘UPSIDE DOWN’. This upbeat track is filled with catchy lyrics and an infectious beat that will keep you dancing all night long. 

Skaiwater – Molli

Skaiwater’s latest offering is the up-tempo single ‘Molli’. The genre-bending artist clearly has his finger on the pulse and has the creative vision to match as this single can not be placed into a specific genre. 

41, Kyle Richh, Jenn Carter, TaTa – Bent 

Fresh off of the release of their single Fetty, Kyle Richh, Jenn Carter and Tata have released their newest offering ‘Bent’. Their catchy cadence makes them stand out within the Rap genre.

Tamera – Poison

Fresh off the release of her single Diversion, Tamera returns with the fresh, upbeat single Poison. The TSB produced track is a fusion of Afrobeats with undertones of Pop and R&B flows. The uptempo beat is the perfect base for her silky, angelic vocals. 

Jamo Beatz, Len – Everyday 

International producer and DJ Jamo Beatz has teamed up with artist Len on the track ‘Everyday’. This mid-tempo tune has elements of the Afropop sound infused into the beat which was produced by Jamo Beatz himself. ‘Everyday’ has such a catchy hook- you’ll be singing along in minutes!

J Warner – Golden Highs 

This soulful, R&B track is bound to get you in your feelings. Co-produced by J Warner himself, the lyrics and the production marry well together along with J Warner’s unmatched vocal ability. 

Jay Biz – Spend Some Pounds 

This refreshing track shows Jay Biz’s unmatched potential to showcase the Afro-Soul sound. The catchy lyrics along with the infectious beat makes this song the perfect singalong. 

Léks Rivers – Higher 

Artist and producer Léks Rivers has released his first single of 2023 titled ‘Higher’. This futuristic Pop/Punk song showcases an otherworldly vocal performance from Léks. The beautifully crafted lyrics deliver a message built to take those blues away and remind you to always aim higher. 

Unflirt – Stains 

Unflirt is on her way to becoming the face of the bedroom Pop sound and her debut EP ‘Bitter Sweet’ has solidified that. Even though she is still in the early stages of her blossoming career, her latest single ‘Stains’ is a testament of her undeniable talent. The light airy vocals paired with the raw lyrics make this song!

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