New Collection: Flaneur Menswear AW23

New Collection: Flaneur Menswear AW23

Flaneur means ‘an idle stroller who is in their element as one of the crowd. A passionate observer who is at the centre of his world and yet remains inconspicuous’. 

The contemporary menswear brand was founded in 2019 by Creative Director Regi Schalks and Managing Director Kayo van Zoest. In order to stand out in the streetwear scene, the duo aimed to create fully functional collections. Ranging from ready-to-wear, tailoring, outerwear, denim, footwear and leather goods. 

Dutch-Moroccan Regi Schaiks was born in Tivoli, the Netherlands but spent his upbringing in numerous European cities. As a result, he was exposed to many different cultures, which ignited his passion for art, design and music. His own experiences travelling around Europe are what mainly inspire his creative endeavours and what ultimately led to the founding of the Flaneur brand. 

Their new AW collection Somewhere in Europe pays homage to the brand’s birthplace in Paris. The collection draws inspiration from the characters of metropolitan Europe both past and present, and so we see a little bit of everything. The pieces, although ready to wear, have the visual appeal of a haute couture collection. This season’s collection featured blazers, wool overcoats, relaxed trousers and hybrid suiting. 

Denim was another key player. We saw it in a  variety of styles; distressed jeans, wide-leg jeans, straight-cut jeans and oversized shorts. Other pieces in the collection included casual t-shirts, jackets with elongated sleeves, a full leather windbreaker and a puffer jacket with a brightly coloured artwork design. Alongside this, the collection featured footwear and a range of accessories – from hats to leather bags.

The collection launched with a short film celebrating ‘Le Flaneur Moderne’ – written and directed by Jean Lafon. The film explores the emotions of a wanderer as they navigate the city. The protagonist remains hopeful, filled with a sense of dream-like wonder and open to all the possibilities the city has for them. 

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