RE UP – The Recent Releases You Need To Listen To ft. [@Yazmin_Lacey] [@AbyCoulibaly] [@lolayounggg] & More

RE UP – The Recent Releases You Need To Listen To ft. [@Yazmin_Lacey] [@AbyCoulibaly] [@lolayounggg] & More

That time of the week has come round again where we put you on to all of our favourite new releases. Friday can be an overwhelming time for music lovers, so we’ve scoured the deep ocean that is the world of music to bring you our crème de la crème of fresh tracks that have recently hit our ears. So in case you missed it, have a listen below – from the South African pop melodies of Tyla to the subversive drill infused sounds of J Sanc and everything in between.

Dan Onkar – Turn On Me

The AfroRnB vibes on Dan Onkar’s ‘Turn on Me’ are infectious. In the first track from his upcoming EP ‘New Lease’ set to release in Summer, Onkar tries coming to terms with a relationship stuck in limbo.

Archy Moor – I’ve Been

Nigerian-born, Dublin-based emerging prodigy Archy Moor’s ‘I’ve Been’ delivers raw, anecdotal tales over ethereal instrumentals produced by Earl Saga. The pair cooked up the track spontaneously on a flight to Korea, and if it’s any testament to the sounds on Archie’s upcoming EP (coming February 10th) then he’s definitely someone to keep an eye on.

Yazmin Lacey – Late Night People

East London based artist Yazmin Lacey merges jazz and alt-soul for ‘Late Night People’ which she describes as ‘an ode to people that come alive at night’. Lacey’s spacey vocals blend beautifully with jumpy percussion and set the scene for her upcoming debut Album set for release on March 31st.

Aby Coulibaly – Rewind

Dublin’s Aby Coulibaly fuses 90’s R&B beats and buttery vocals with confessional lyricism unravelling adolescent feelings of isolation. A frontrunner in the Dublin music scene – she is definitely someone to tap into with a rich catalogue of beautiful indie and R&B tracks.

Tyla – Been Thinking

Sizzling R&B dance banger ‘Been Thinking’ is South African pop princess Tyla’s first offering of 2023, and if it’s a reflection of the year to come the 21 year old is only on an upwards trajectory from here.

J Sanc – Baby where have u been?

Self produced ‘Baby where have u been?’ is also J Sanc’s first offering of 2023. Like a lot of music coming from the UK’s upcoming scene right now it’s almost undefinable in genre. Pulling percussion influences from drill with smooth and all encompassing RnB vocals. Definitely one to watch.

Essy Maliya – Same Way

Delicately layering her voice over the Rich Music produced single Essy Maliya pours her pure emotions on the table in ‘Same Way’. On the track Maliya says ‘The making of Same Way was a very healing process for me.” and it’s clear to hear in between her buttery vocals.

Lola Young – Annabel’s House

Armed with a distinct London edge to her pop ballads Lola Young’s ‘Annabel’s House’ is a testament to the 22 year olds insane pen game and vocal ability. Touching on themes of love bombing, gaslighting, body image and depression Lola approaches her latest track with a sublime vulnerability and angelic voice.

Wxterboi – Miss Mum (SUMMER’S OVER)

Summer isn’t here just yet but if you need a hint of the feeling then Wxterboi’s ‘Miss Mum (SUMMER’S OVER) is one you’ll rush to add to your playlist. It’s packed with beautifully layered vocals, ambience and feel good vibes – also another upcoming artist to tap into.

JGrrey – theirs13

On ‘Theirs13’ JGrrey says “Theirs13 is an ode to queerness. Inspired by non-binary partner….. It’s about struggling with identity, but finding out more about yourself in the process.” It’s a graceful, soulful and timely track perfect for a late night drive.

Nia Chennai – Since We Ain’t Together

After teasing viewers on TikTok, South London’s Nia Chennai has finally dropped her long awaited Neo-Soul banger ‘Since We Ain’t Together’. The song sees Chennai express frustration for ‘living in their head rent free’ – a sentiment relatable to all the girls out there.

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