Meet WB Group: The Ghana Based Production House Championing African Creatives

Meet WB Group: The Ghana Based Production House Championing African Creatives

In a dynamic world where creativity knows no bounds, the impact of representation cannot be overstated. WB Group, a pioneering Ghanaian-based production company, is set to revolutionize the way Africa’s finest talents in the fashion, lifestyle, and film industries are recognized and promoted. With a vision to amplify voices and showcase the immense potential of African creatives to the world, WB Group emerges as a catalyst for change.

WB Group African Talents
A WB Group production for PUMA

Co-founders and visionaries, Ekow Barnes and William Annoh, are dedicated to not only producing creative works but also representing the best talents in the fashion, lifestyle, and film industries. In an exclusive interview with GUAP, the duo shed light on the significance of talent representation, particularly in the present African creative renaissance.

“The creative scene in Africa is exploding with immense potential, and it’s crucial that we provide a platform to amplify the voices and talents that have long been overlooked,” says Barnes, co-founder and executive creative producer, his eyes sparkling with conviction. “Our mission with WB Group is to bridge the gap between African creatives and global recognition. We believe in the transformative power of creative storytelling and we trust that talent representation is the next opportunity to unlock and showcase Africa’s exceptional creativity.”

WB Group Team
WB Group team members

Annoh, with a quiet confidence, echoes Barnes’ sentiments. “Africa’s time has come. Our artists, producers and stylists possess a unique perspective, deeply rooted in culture, yet effortlessly blending contemporary aesthetics. It’s essential to nurture and support these talents, ensuring they reach their fullest potential and have a lasting impact on the global stage,” he emphasized.

With the launch of this groundbreaking service by WB Group, the African creative community finds itself on the cusp of a transformative journey, poised to reap the unparalleled support and opportunities that come hand-in-hand with representation. Already, two exceptional talents, filmmaker Attoh and stylist Emmanuel Affedzie, have joined forces with WB Group in eager anticipation of the doors that will swing wide open as they navigate their respective industries.

Attoh, a visionary cinematographer known for his captivating storytelling, expresses his delight at being represented by WB Group. “This partnership is a dream come true for me! With WB Group’s support, I can bring my stories to a global audience, shedding light on the unique narratives that Africa has to offer. Together, we can change perceptions and break down barriers. This is truly a new era not just for myself but for other creative talents on the continent.”

Affedzie, a talented stylist with an impeccable eye for fashion and capturing a story through clothes, also shares this excitement.”Joining forces with WB Group means more than just being represented. It’s an opportunity to redefine African fashion and showcase our creativity to the world. With their guidance, I can push boundaries and challenge the status quo in the industry.”

The launch of WB Group’s talent representation service marks a pivotal moment for Africa’s creative industries, as the world increasingly turns its gaze towards the continent. Barnes reflects on this shift, affirming, “Africa is experiencing a renaissance in fashion, lifestyle, and film, and we want to contribute to that narrative. We want to show the world that Africa is not just a source of inspiration; it is a fountain of talent, innovation, and artistry.”

Check out the WB Group website for their pool of creative talents and their portfolios.