LGBTQ+ Artists You Should Be Listening To ft. [@myamehmi], [@jevondeluxe], [@amaria_bb] & More

LGBTQ+ Artists You Should Be Listening To ft. [@myamehmi], [@jevondeluxe], [@amaria_bb] & More

With pride month just gone, something I realised as a member of the LGBTQ community is that showcasing queer talent should not be reserved for the month of June. We need to be amplifying the talent in the community all year round and not just giving them a shoutout because it’s pride month. So here we are in July with a list of LGBTQ+ Artists you need to start listening to. I’d include artists like Frank Ocean and Kehlani, but chances are you’re listening to them already, so here’s the LGBTQ artists we think should be on your radar all year round.

Mya Mehmi (she/her)

Trans artist and DJ, Mya Mehmi’s vocals take R&B to new heights. Her music strikes the perfect balance between sad and sexy – while the sentiments in her music is full of raw emotion her vocals are sensual and alluring. If you’re a bad b*tch who needs comforting – Mya’s the artist for you.

Destin Conrad (he/him)

Destin Conrad definitely deserves a mention – though he’ll be familiar to those who have immaculate music taste. The vine star turned R&B singer has a lush voice and range in his lyrics – he can go from vulnerable to flirtatious, and experiments with Afrobeats drum patterns that flow through his take on R&B like a waterfall.

Dua Saleh (they/xe)

Dua Saleh’s ethereal vocals can be found gracing experimental production more often than enough, they continue to tap into a range of genres while their lyrics remain vivid and enticing. The vocal effects on their voice in some songs, like distortion for example, really gives their music an intricate texture.

JÉVON (he/him)

JÉVON is continuously serving with his bold bars, would recommend his music to anyone looking to get the party started. His playful cadence and witty wordplay are definitely going to leave your ears entertained.

Lava La Rue (they/he)

Lava La Rue incorporates funk and rock, creating something magical in the process. Working with head-banging instrumentation, their vocals adapt to the innovative production. They’ll go from enticing rap to rockstar vocals with no difficulty whatsover.

Amaria BB (she/her)

Amaria BB marries Dancehall with R&B while simultaneously making music for women who like women. Her soft, sultry vocals caress the genre-bending instrumentals as she uses Patois to seduce you.

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