Photography by Bethel Haimanot

In late May, the talented singer-songwriter, Bellah, commanded the stage at the Lafayette with a mesmerising performance. With a talented band comprising C.J on drums, Dean and Courtney on guitar, and Dono on keys, she delivered a memorable show, while backup singers Charlene and Catherine infused depth into her vocal performance. Guest artists Saint Harison, Mnelia, and Miraa May also showed their support with their performance.

With an aura of confidence and grace, Bellah took to the stage as the lights dimmed and with a series of melodic compositions, the band set the tone for the evening.

That night was a masterclass in soulful R&B. With a blend of her original compositions and carefully chosen covers, Bellah displayed an exceptional range and beautiful emotive delivery. We were treated to two captivating covers of Tems‘ music, a reflection of Bellah’s time opening for her. Infusing her artistry into ‘Back to Black,’ she also paid homage to the late Amy Winehouse.

The performance of her latest tracks from the ‘Adultsville‘ album was the highlight of the evening, demonstrating her songwriting prowess and ability to connect with her fans on a deep emotional level. The ethereal track ‘Garden‘ was electrifying and it transported us to a rock infused, captivating and spirited R&B landscape, while the hauntingly beautiful ‘Evil Eye‘ showcased her ability to craft enchanting melodies with thought-provoking lyrics. Her performance of ‘Prototype‘ exuded an empowering vibe, with its infectious beat and her confident vocals.

In an short special moment, Bellah sang her take on Victoria Monet’s ‘We Might Even Be Falling In Love’ open verse challenge, where she flawlessly sang over the soulful beat, creating an atmosphere of creativity, further highlighting her talent.

Miraa May, Mnelia, and Saint Harison added a special touch to the evening. Saint Harison performed his hit song ‘Ego Talking,’ while Mnelia, and Miraa May brought their own unique styles to the stage, complementing Bellah’s artistry on Mnelia’s Genesis Remix. The collective talent displayed in these collaborations was a result of camaraderie and mutual admiration. Bellah made sure to share encouraging words to every guest artist, while lovingly promoting their music for her fans to support.

In between songs, Bellah took the time to connect with her fans on a personal level, sharing stories and anecdotes. She revealed that her song ‘Good Thing‘ was born during the pandemic, when she felt the need to elevate her songwriting skills and overcome self-doubt. Her message of resilience and the pursuit of one’s passion resonated with the crowd, inspiring them to embrace their own creative journeys. She also reflected on her experience opening for Tems at the same venue, discussing her growth as an artist and the endless possibilities that lie ahead.

Our evening was spiced up with an energetic dance break alongside her talented backup singers, Charlene and Catherine. With her synchronised moves and wild energy on stage, Bellah showcased her versatility as a performer.

Bellah’s performance at The Lafayette was an absolute triumph, a testament to her remarkable talent and undeniable stage presence. Through her soul-stirring vocals, engaging storytelling, and seamless collaborations, there is no doubt that she is destined for great things in the music industry.

You can listed to her latest album below!

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