5 Queer South Asian Collectives you should know about

5 Queer South Asian Collectives you should know about

Before the British colonized South Asia and bought colonial morality, South Asians championed gender and sexual fluidity. Call it redemption because today, London is home to some of the best South Asian collectives, organizations, and magazines that host queer-friendly spaces and club nights. Check out the collectives highlighted below to ring in your Pride Month. 

Nazar London: On July 1st, Nazar London is hosting an open-air party at the Southbank Centre for queer members of the SWANA and South Asian diaspora. Head over for some live performances and a lineup of QPOC DJs. Entry is free! 

Pxssy Palace: Pxssy Palace creates club nights year-round to celebrate BIPOC women, queer, intersex, trans, and non-binary people. See all of their upcoming events for the summer here

Hungama: What started as a gay Bollywood night at a tiny local pub expanded to a large community that platforms and connects Queer South Asian talent. Though Hungama isn’t operating as it used to, they will still play sets through pride month. You can find their upcoming dates and venues here.

Pardesi: A global platform for women and femmes, Pardesi hosts events, workshops, programs, and more to connect and foster South Asian talent. They recently released their debut zine, To Love is To Hope, which explores love, joy, and what it means to be queer in the South Asian community. You can order your copy here

DominAsian Magazine: Launching this Pride Month, DominAsian is a youth-led magazine featuring spunky storytelling, styling, and visuals. Their launch event features beats by Hungama, an Open Mic, music performances, and Henna. Stay in the loop with DominAsian here

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