It’s time to discover London’s hidden gems for music lovers, with our selection of venues, unmissable parties and record shops…

There are a million ways to discover and enjoy music in London. With the internet and social media in full effect sometimes it can be an information overload trying to find the best spots, especially when Google turns up with the most generic options. Far too many times have we journeyed halfway across London to be met with a sticky floor, expensive drinks and DJs playing the same dry tunes pulled straight off YouTube’s new release chart. 

As a breath of fresh air, we’ve pulled together a short list of London’s tried, tested and confirmed good times. Presenting you with a curated selection of independent events, venues and shops to immerse yourselves in one of the capital’s most popular exports, music.


One of Peckham’s newest gems, Jumbi goes for a different approach to live music. This Hi-Fi Music Bar is giving very much Clark Kent energy; during the day it’s a mild-mannered Afro-Caribbean restaurant with DJs spinning high-quality vinyl. By night the tables are pushed back to make way for a dynamic dancefloor fueled by vibrant easygoing energy. Who would have known that sticking with classic vinyl djing could be so good? The answer is most of us and we’re so glad it’s here!

For when you want: Strong drinks and house party vibes


Got a fire fit to show off? Whoosh Weng is where you’re headed. Never a quiet one, this event series is known far and wide for its energetic warehouse parties that run well into the next day. You can always spot at least one of London’s goated underground creatives traversing the dance floor and if the main event isn’t enough excitement for you, just wait until you come face to face with the smoking area.

For when you want: To stumble home at sunrise 


If you’re plugged into the London music scene there’s a good chance KINDRED radio regularly swims across the TikTok for you page. Small but mighty KINDRED provides all you could want in a record shop. With garms, books and music galore you will more than likely be stepping out a couple of quid lighter. Not only do they run events out of this shop but their crown jewel too, the KINDRED radio station, with a bustling online archive ready for a deep dive whenever the urge takes you.

For when you want: Impeccable radio sets


Keep Hush started popping up on the timeline a couple of years back, in that time they’ve established themselves as an unshakeable force in the world of live events. From boat parties to Berlin raves, Keep Hush always gets the most talented DJs in the scene to shell it down. For those of you who can’t make it down or are otherwise club averse, they livestream their sets so you can enjoy the tunes from wherever you are whenever you want.

For when you want: The best tunes


Pure Vinyl is much more than just a record shop. This Brixton-based hub is one of the best places to hit up when you want to build your connections as well as your record collection. It’s ideal for Immersing yourself in music-centric events, with their open decks series stealing the show as a local favourite. Don’t hesitate to share your top tracks! Need a little push? You can sign up for their Vinyl DJ workshops to polish your skills and ensure you’re ready to captivate with confidence.

For when you want: Community, connection and a better record collection


It’s not everyday problems, sometimes it’s day parties. When those times come around, that’s when you roll through to LDN East. Nestled in the heart of Canning Town, its graffiti-clad walls and open-air roof make for an ideal spot to soak in their eclectic line-ups that span Hip Hop, R&B, Techno, Afrobeats, Dancehall, and Drum & Bass. 

For when you want: Day parties 

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