AFRIKA YOUNG: London to CapeTown’s Extraordinary Squad of Young Dance by Rocio Chacon []

AFRIKA YOUNG: London to CapeTown’s Extraordinary Squad of Young Dance by Rocio Chacon []

Emerging from the artistic hub of Cape Town, JazzArt Dance Theatre stands as a haven for a new generation of exceptionally talented and innovative young dancers. Recently, their brilliance caught the attention of budding photographer Rocio Chacon, who presents her latest masterpiece, “Afrika Young.”

With almost half a century of nurturing dance and honing young talents, JazzArt Dance Theatre has made it their mission to challenge conventional norms and social stereotypes through contemporary dance training and performances. Their commitment lies in celebrating the uniqueness of our bodies as creative instruments, weaving the tapestry of African stories. In this editorial, the passion and determination of the next generation of dancers shine through, illuminating how dance shapes their futures.

The essence of youth, brimming with potential and vitality, is palpable. But beneath the surface lies a profound question – what is the price of dreams? And how does one endure in a society structured on the foundations of class, race, birthplace, opportunities, access, and education? Through her captivating photography, Chacon delves into these complexities, capturing the dancers in graceful poses amidst the turmoil of uncertainty. GUAP had the opportunity to converse with two featured dancers from the editorial, Zanele and Aphiwe. Zanele expresses her perspective on dance as a means of freedom of expression, while Aphiwe echoes the same sentiment, acknowledging the untapped potential that lies within the young creatives of Africa.

GUAP: What does dance mean to you?

Zanele: Dance to me means the freedom of expression. It is being able to say and explore what I feel with more than just words but with the rest of my body. Dance is an extension of who I am as an artist; my style and the music I dance to all of those things form a huge part of my identity.

Aphiwe: I think there’s so much potential greater than we can imagine within young creatives of Africa. More than ever, people are pushing hard to make the creative space a good place for one to make a career out of.

Other dancers from the editorial include:

Micayle Jacobs

Thimna Ndwe

Onele Ndwebisa

Zintle Ndindwa

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