Everything that went down at WizKid with Nando’s [@nandosuk]

Everything that went down at WizKid with Nando’s [@nandosuk]

Tottenham Stadium, typically a football hub, was transformed into a pulsating Afrobeat arena for global star Wizkid. Wizkid. We at GUAP had the privilege of experiencing this spectacle from Nando’s exclusive box, a unique viewpoint that offered more than just a concert.

The evening kicked off with a performance by Masego, setting the stage for the night. Although engaged it was clear to see the fans were there and ready for Mr Starboy himself. The stadium was filled with fans, their energy infectious as they moved in sync with Wizkid’s Afrobeat anthems. The unity was palpable, a testament to the unifying power of our music.

Wizkid, living up to his Starboy reputation, delivered an impressive performance. His charisma was undeniable, and his connection with the audience was evident in every song. DJ Tunes added to the excitement by bringing out Wande Coal, much to the delight of the crowd.

While some fans expressed disappointment about the lack of special guests, Wizkid’s talent and stage presence were more than enough to captivate the crowd. The concert was more than just a musical event. It was a significant cultural moment. Wizkid’s rise to fame underscores the global impact of Afrobeat and its increasing influence in the music industry. This genre, rooted in our African culture, has found a universal audience, with Wizkid leading the charge.

Check the images below for an exclusive inside look:

Nando’s didn’t just provide a viewing experience; they created an atmosphere. The box was buzzing with guest appearances from footballer Reiss Nelson, Actors Damson Idris, and Michael Ward and more. It was a great mix of people, adding to the overall positive vibes of the night.

Despite some criticisms and claims that the concert was not sold out, the night was a celebration of our youth culture and the transformative power of art, a testament to what GUAP stands for. Our experience, made possible by Nando’s, was a reminder of the power of our music to unite and inspire. As we continue to spotlight the voices and talents shaping our culture, we look forward to more nights like these.

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