‘The project overall is heavily love themed, hence the name. It covers the good, bad, the ugly ’cause love is a multifaceted thing. There’s no one route towards it. There’s no one way around it, but it’s the one thing that every single one of us have in common. Every single artist in the world, whether they talk about love or not, have been in love, have lost it, found it, etc and I thought ’cause it’s a bit corny sometimes talking about it, I thought let me address the elephant in the room. I wanted to challenge my pen as well and challenge the language that my pen writes in, to veer towards one thing, see what I can get out of myself. Just a new challenge, a new push instead of talking about the same stuff. I know everyone has their one love song, but I don’t think many people have a whole love project. I don’t think people get as vulnerable as I might have got.’


‘SAY WHERE’ is about being smitten [in] that early stage. You know, when you’ll travel from Norwood to Wembley for this person. That’s why that’s what the “say where” means – wherever it is, I’m on it. I didn’t think I would be, I’m not trying to be in this position, but this is where I am, so send your location and I’m pulling up.


TOO MUCH is about a person – ’cause it could be a girl too – that just has a lot of significant others. I dropped ‘MORE OR LESS’ first – the man that’s got the commitment phobia but likes his one ting and then followed it [with] ‘TOO MUCH’ – the guy that’s got bare tings. Or a girl that’s got bare tings. Someone with bare tings and has no plans to stop. 


‘ALL YOUR FAULT’ is about lack of accountability. The funny thing about this song is [that] I’m saying it’s all your fault. I’m saying it’s all her fault, but being that the song’s about lack of accountability – it could be that it’s all my fault and I’m just pushing it on her, or it could be that it’s all her fault anyway, but the overall message is just lack of accountability and love and how that doesn’t get you many places, it doesn’t get you far. 


That is what it says on the tin. I am on you. That’s what that is. I’m super on you, I can’t believe how on you I am. When I’m writing it, I’m even saying like, “This is not a language you’re talking so it’s a bit awkward, but I’m falling,” I’m finally admitting it. 


That’s not me, that’s a lovely young lady called JADA – she’s the sickest girl. She’s essentially responding to ‘MORE OR LESS’ – so that’s the reply to what I’m saying. She’s saying she’s bitter about the fact that she has to share me, but she does love me. My cousin, who exec produced the project, knew her manager. I’d heard of her, but I hadn’t met her until she came to the studio that day and we just got cracking. It took two sessions but it was pretty much done in one, the second session was just finessing it. She’s the sickest writer. I told her everything she needs to know and she just got cracking like she’s been through it.


To put it plainly, it’s about a man – or a person – cause it could go any way – a person that likes another person except the idea of commitment is still too difficult for them. It’s just basically about someone who wants to have their cake and eat it – maybe not play the field but just keep their options there despite liking this one person. It’s not an easy subject to convey so I thought, let me try that. 


This is quite a common subject. ‘SHE LOVES ME’ is about just her loving me, but I don’t really feel that way. That’s a bit too much. She says she loves me. You love too hard – I don’t need love that much. I guess it’s about the love being one-sided and the boy or the girl – it’s funny, I’m only realising it now, but this project is obviously a boy speaking to a girl, but you could flip it and a girl could sing it to a boy. It’s , all pretty unisex, but yeah, this is about a girl [where] her love’s a bit too full on. I’m not on it. 


[This] is when I come off the love language thing and just remind people that there is still some rap to come and I get a bit retrospective and I talk about how me and my cousins have been having chats ’cause I wanted to quit my job. He was telling me, “Don’t quit your job, be sure cuz this music ting, it’s a dangerous pond,” and all of that, all of this stuff that I’m never getting through in and out of music and in my life. I just thought I would add a little rap there for my people that love my rap to let ’em know that the next project is gonna be that.

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