RE UP – THE RECENT RELEASES YOU MUST TAP IN TO FT. [@ZinoVinci] [@Tylauraa] [@free_REEM] [@am1nd1] & More

RE UP – THE RECENT RELEASES YOU MUST TAP IN TO FT. [@ZinoVinci] [@Tylauraa] [@free_REEM] [@am1nd1] & More

Another week of great new music, here’s our favourite picks:

Len – LEHGOLAND (Mixtape)

This is Len’s greatest work to date. Futuristic synths galore, the production has a variety of influences running through its veins. A slew of well-fitting features complements Len’s bold confidence that we’re all too familiar with.

Zino Vinci – First Time

On ‘First Time’ we see a more vulnerable side of Zino Vinci, but his poetic storytelling ability is still prevalent. His stellar vocals on the track give the build-up before the beat drop – a softness we haven’t seen until now, but when the beat drops his bars hit harder than ever – and the beat packs one hell of a punch.

Amindi – diddy crop

Amindi’s too smooth with it. Referencing Diddy cropping people out of pictures, she sings about cropping a man out like Diddy – ultimately rejecting someone trying to move to her while reaffirming her self worth.

Amie Blu – crumbs in my bed EP

Amie Blu’s latest EP is a collection of gentle whispers on vulnerability. It’s a soft execution of sadness with lyrics sure to resonate with anyone going through it.

Stacy N.K.R – Feel A Way

Stacy N.K.R glides on this jazz-infused production. Her sultry tone juxtaposes her hard-hitting flow perfectly, and she’s also got lush vocals to pair with the rest of the track during the chorus.


This wonderful love song from ix really personifies how it feels to fall in love in its overall sonic. ix’s dreamy vocals cascade over the twinkly production, lighting up the path you embark on when you fall in love.

Tyla – Water

Tyla envelops her harmonious vocals on the Amapiano rhythm as she gets intimate on ‘Water’. She’s created the perfect track for when temperatures begin to rise.

kid apollo – In Your Own Right

kid apollo’s latest is comforting, like lo-fi on a rainy day – and that’s exactly how the project feels. The tender tracks offer a vulnerable, stripped-back approach as they combine pop and alternative R&B.

Br3nya, Tay Iwar – Us

This Afro-R&B fusion feels like a playful yet romantic offering from Br3nya and Tay Iwar. Br3nya rides the bounce in the instrumental with ease, while Tay Iwar’s vocals are subtle and soft.


The jazz-laced production allows for Reg Mason and GINI’ to come into their own on this track. The track details how the music industry is business focused – using the term ‘handshakes’ to represent business, like deals being done. Both rappers have vivid cadences and great chemistry.


The production on this freestyle is really dreamy, the jersey club drums complement the relaxing tones of it so well. REEM’s bars are sharp and assertive, creating a nice contrast between his vocals and the sweet instrumentals.

Konyikeh – Litany

Konyikeh’s deep, rich tones are reminiscent of Nina Simone. Her latest EP sees her vocals bellow over live instrumentation, each track with a different mood from the next. The EP has jazz and soul influences running through its veins.

harper, Seago – out of place

The production on this is quite quaint, with somewhat of an indie feel to it, courtesy of harper who also provides those falsetto-esque vocals on the track. Seago sings smoothly about not fitting in, definitely something we can all resonate with. The distinction between their voices create riveting texture.

The Shellers – Work No More

With production courtesy of Toddla T, the bass-y beat allows for The Shellers to make their debut. The song is about a feeling we all know too well – not wanting to work anymore. It feels full of nostalgia, reminiscent of stuff you might here in clubs in the UK back in the day.

Blanco – Brilliant Mind

Blanco’s latest is full of harmonious production, if not for those drill kick drums, you may never have paired some of the production with Blanco’s punchy flow. However the final result is pretty glorious, proving to be innovative from the jazzy sax on the title track to the breezy strings on ‘Londis’.

Rio Rainz, Finn Foxell – sunshine

With hints of jungle and drum and bass running throughout the production, this collab from Rio Rainz and Finn Foxell is a wicked track to soundtrack your summer. Rio Rainz’s breezy vocals juxtapose the hard-hitting rap verses from Finn and Rio himself.

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