GUIDO MÖSCH Explores The Impact of Nature and Nurture In Promising Graduate Collection ‘Sauerkraut’

GUIDO MÖSCH Explores The Impact of Nature and Nurture In Promising Graduate Collection ‘Sauerkraut’

There’s an exciting new designer on the block; get to know Guido Mosch: stylist, model and founder of eponymous label GUIDO MÖSCH. 

After three years of studying at the University of the Creative Arts, Mosch debuts his debut eight-look collection titled ‘Sauerkraut’, alongside a stunning film that depicts the Ghanaian-German designer’s origin story. 

“This body of work is based on my immediate family growing up in South London in the late 90s – early 2000s. I wanted to express my influences in fashion and music, who have made me the man I am today.”, Mosch said in a caption on Instagram. 

The name of the collection, ‘Sauerkraut’, is taken from ‘Germans eating Sauerkraut’, a painting by James Gilroy that hung in his living room flat in Clapham. The film, which shares the collection’s name, is split into five chapters, the first of which takes place in the living room, preceded by a selection of family photos that illustrate Mosch’s roots, depicting his Ghanaian and German family. The 10-minute film begins and ends with prayers said for the designer, presumably by his mother as well as his sister, offering some context and contrast to some of the themes explored, such as hegemonic masculinity, femininity, family, sexuality in Ghanaian culture and religious beliefs. 

GUIDO MÖSCH elegantly honours the duality, conflict and vitality present in the amalgamation of his lived experiences so far with high spirits and endearing vulnerability. With an established background as a stylist, notably for Jamaican artist Alicai Harley, Guido Mosch delivers a collection made from quality materials to create appealing silhouettes with a slight edge that doesn’t compromise wearability. 

According to Dazed, GUIDO MÖSCH will present ‘Sauerkraut’ at Somerset house in August for an event in collaboration with Gareth Pugh. The designer is definitely one to watch, and we look forward to what is next for them.

Ares in wears jap denim with gold accents. Photo courtesy of GUIDO MÖSCH.
Kamilah wears purple nylon shibori top and oversized CD backpack with quilted asymmetrical mini skirt. Photo courtesy of GUIDO MÖSCH.
Issac wears shibori vest and gloved bally – cropped bomber and G monochrome lamb trousers. Photo courtesy of GUIDO MÖSCH.
Roney wearing embossed 3310 leather vest and matching lamb trousers. Photo courtesy of GUIDO MÖSCH.

Ares wears oversized jap denim jacket, panelled shorts and lace up demon bally. Photo courtesy of GUIDO MÖSCH.
Eleasha wears nollywood printed organic denim jacket and matching zip down trousers with GM baby tee. Photo courtesy of GUIDO MÖSCH.
Shana (left) wears veg tan corset and 8 metre quilted skirt. Jack (right) wears brown leather suit jacket and matching zip trouser.
Photo courtesy of GUIDO MÖSCH.

Keep up with GUIDO MÖSCH on Instagram and watch ‘Sauerkraut’, directed by Daniel Amoakoh, here.

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