Dr. Martens Are Working With CSM to Champion Emerging Designers

Dr. Martens Are Working With CSM to Champion Emerging Designers

Five CSM MA Fashion course students have been handpicked by course director Fabio Piras to partner with Dr. Martens for their ‘All Access Summer’ campaign. The brand is releasing a new collection in time for the summer in hopes of making it “one to remember. One you’ll never forget. The one you’ll look back on. And the one you’ll want to do over and over again.”

The collection, which features classic docs, sandals and loafers, is showcased in the campaign, as well as bespoke creations from the students. “Each student ideated, sketched, designed and produced their unique creations”, which embodies Dr. Martens’ rebellious spirit, the company said.

Francesca Lake, a multidisciplinary creative from Jamaica, centred her pieces on telling unheard stories and amplifying them on a global scale. Menswear design student Xuesong Yang’s ethos: “As we grow, we continue to find ourselves… we need to reflect on our relationship with nature and not keep focusing on where we are going and forget where we came from”, was expressed in the pieces, inspired by his home in Inner Mongolia, China.

Fellow menswear student Jude Hinojosa took inspiration from pre-existing ‘male’ attire to re-shape it into something for everyone, saying: “If it makes you feel something, if it calls to you, please do them the honour of wearing it”. Lauren Patchett, a Knitwear for Fashion student from Northern Ireland, creates with colour, encouraging wearers to mess around and have fun with what they’re wearing. With a focus on the relationship between fashion and aspiration, Jad Jreissati’s approach was inspired by a blend of individual distinguishability and accessibility in fashion.

Creative Director at Dr. Martens, Darren McKoy, said: “We are so proud to partner with this powerhouse of originality and imagination shining a light on designers who have travelled from around the world to hone their craft in London, home to so many internationally known designers.”

The shoes created by the students are available on Dr. Marten’s website.

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