GGI is the rave for London’s Queer East and Southeast Asian community

GGI is the rave for London’s Queer East and Southeast Asian community
Image Credit: Ella-Justine

Clubbing has historically represented an avenue of solace and community for queer people, a space lacking judgment or censorship, where they’ve indulged in their raw liberated selves. However, for people of color this hasn’t always been the case as they’ve found themselves facing intracommunity racism and exclusion. In an attempt to challenge this over the years, more and more nights catering to queer people of color have been founded.

One of them is GGI (pronounced kki): a club night prioritizing queer, trans, and non-binary ravers of East and Southeast Asian (ESEA) descent. Founded at the end of 2021 by artist and community organizer June Lam as part of The Yard’s Night Drafts scheme – which offers three emerging promoters the opportunity funding and resources to launch their clubbing initiative – GGI has proved itself to be an essential space in London’s queer nightlife.

Born out of a need for this community to have a celebratory space to breathe and dance, GGI has already run three successful nights at The Yard, as well as having acted as featuring as a promoter on the lineups of Hackney’s electronic music festival Body Movements, collective-centered night HOWL, and many other events.

In just over a year, it has showcased DJ sets by Netherlands-based Larasati and celebrated local legends TWANG and Ms. G. Alongside music; it has featured work by the local and international talent in the form of performance art and films.GGI offers its attendees the opportunity to stomp to techno until the early hours of the morning in a welcoming yet fabulous space, which lacks the intimidating factor many other electronic parties have: expect to be surrounded by fashion-forward looks on big smiley faces.

If you’d like to check GGI out, they are holding a party at The Yard featuring DJ sets by daebak, TWANG, and Berliner Esper Moss, a live performance by Akiko Haruna, a screening of a film by Bart Seng Wen Long, digital visuals by VJ and Indonesian vegan food by Spoons – all happening on the 21st of January.

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